2004 News Story

Saudi Aramco to sponsor environmental conference in Dubai

Saudi Aramco, a member of the Regional Clean Sea Organization (RECSO), is sponsoring the Offshore Arabia 2004 Conference and Exhibition, which will take place in Dubai from November 29 to December 1. The conference will focus on major environmental issues and concerns, and provide a forum for the exchange of new ideas, theories, and policies towards preventing oil spills and combating pollution at sea. An associated exhibit will display emerging technologies, equipment and services for minimizing the impact of oil on the marine environment, and technical workshops on marine protection will be held two days prior to the conference.

RECSO was established in 1972 by 13 founding members with the common objective of protecting the resources of the Arabian Gulf from oil pollution and maintaining a healthy offshore environment. The Gulf is a major artery in global trade, and tankers carrying millions of barrels of oil and its products pass through it to the rest of the world.