2004 News Story

Ambassador addresses issue of terrorism in U.K. lecture

Ambassador to the United Kingdom and Ireland Prince Turki Al-Faisal, in a lecture yesterday at the University of Durham in northern England, commented that terrorism has become the greatest threat to international peace and stability, dividing societies and almost destroying the culture of international understanding. Terrorism, he said, “has made us distrust each other and even those with whom we have deep-rooted relationships across the world”.

Prince Turki went on to say that the U.K. media is currently drawing “a bleak, unbalanced picture” of Saudi Arabia, which in fact has “a stable government, prosperous economy and a peaceful, non-extremist people who do not call for violence or terrorism in any way”. The Al-Qaeda network, he declared, is not in control of the region, and relations between Islam and the west are not on the verge of collapse. The Saudi people respect the cultures and religions of others, and ask only that others respect its culture and religion.