2004 News Story

Kingdom’s telephone and Internet costs to be reduced

The Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has announced that the Saudi Telecom Company (STC) is reducing charges for domestic telephone calls, with a monthly subscription of SR15 [U.S.$4.0] for a land line, from 40 to 10 halalas (from just over $0.10 to under $.03) per minute. STC is estimated to have more than 13 million customers. Internet charges are also being reduced, by 25 percent, to SR2.25 [$0.60] an hour for the combined internet service provider (ISP) and contact charges.

An article in today’s ‘Arab News’ further explains that STC is offering new Internet packages, to come into effect during Ramadan and Shawwal, one of which gives customers direct access for five halalas (just over $0.01) per minute. Mobile phone charges will also be reduced, with two new packages, offering monthly subscriptions of SR45 [$12] and SR35 [$9.40] charging 35 halalas [$0.09] and 45 halalas [$0.12] per minute respectively. Pre-paid mobile calling cards (SAWA) are reduced from SR1.20 [$0.32] to 85 halalas [$0.23] a minute. Text messaging is cut from 30 to 25 halalas [$0.08 to $0.07] per message inside the Kingdom, and from 70 to 60 halalas [$0.19 to $0.16] overseas. Other reductions apply to rented telephone circuits and to calls made from land lines to cell phones.