2004 News Story

Woman appointed manager of Jeddah’s King Saud Hospital

The English-medium daily ‘Arab News’ reported today that Dr Sana Filimban has been appointed manager of Jeddah’s King Saud Hospital for Infectious and Contagious Diseases. Dr Sana is the first woman in the Kingdom to take up the position of managing a public hospital.

Dr Sana, who is at the moment coordinator of the nation’s program for the eradication of AIDS, has long experience in disease control, and is eminently qualified to take leadership of a hospital that specializes in treating transmitted diseases, notably AIDS. Her main priority is to eradicate AIDS and protect society from the spread of the disease by raising awareness and disseminating correct information based on scientific fact. Her message is targeted especially at young people, whom she warns to be careful in the use of any objects that might be contaminated or not adequately sterilized such as razors or needles. At the same time, she has the goal of allowing AIDS patients to live as normal a life as possible, without any stigma.

The Kingdom provides free medical care for all AIDS patients, Saudi and non-Saudi, in complete privacy and without conditions. Half the AIDS cases in Saudi Arabia are found in Jeddah, and cared for at King Saud Hospital, where a number of charities provide them with treatment and their families with financial and social care.