2004 News Story

Full attendance for terrorism conference in February

Assistant Undersecretary for Political Affairs at the Ministry of Interior Prince Torki bin Muhammad has reported that acceptances have been received from all those invited to the Kingdom’s international conference on terrorism scheduled for Riyadh on February 5 to 8 next year. Forty-three countries and several international organizations will attend. The countries invited are those that have suffered from terrorism, and the aim of the conference is to exchange information and experiences as well as fostering cooperation in the war against terrorism. The conference will also address measures to help tackle international crimes such as money laundering and smuggling in drugs and arms.

Prince Torki commented that the spread of violence and terrorism in the Middle East can be attributed in part to Israel's obstinacy in dealing with the Palestinian issue as well as the apathy of the international community, which has only now begun to recognize Saudi Arabia's firm stance against terrorism.