2003 Public Statement

Riyadh Declaration on Human Rights in Peace and War
The following Declaration was issued at the end of the conference in Riyadh 'Human Rights in Peace and War', October 13-15, 2003

We, scientists, thinkers and legal bodies from all over the world gathering in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a time when the human families stand at a critical and dreadful crossroads, would like to address the following:

• Whereas human life, human dignity and the environment are suffering from repulsive violations and aggressions that neglect all values and international conventions in most of countries of the world;
• Whereas the human family today is facing a peevish situation as a result of the militarization of international cultural relations, and the fact that war and military conflicts are encouraged in tackling the regional tension points instead of cultural dialogue, political, and amicable solutions;
• Whereas the human generations are suffering from the phenomena of violence, culture, terrorism and mutiny at individual, groups as well as states level;
• Whereas the human communities are looking forward to a world where justice, safety and peace are dominating and governed by wisdom and civilized dialogue amongst civilizations;
• Whereas the base of any relation among communities is established by God on inter-acquaintance, peace and fair coexistence;
• Whereas the Divine religions, principles and values are the fundamental ground to achieve the best of human family life and its equitable benefits:
We announce and assure people that:
1- Respecting human life and dignity is the basic source to respect and activate and implement human rights and duties.
2- The integration between human rights and duties is the basic starting point to achieve the balance between responsibilities of production and consumption in the culture of generations.
3- Mankind himself is honored by God without discrimination regardless of his gender, color, race or religion.
4- Violation of human dignity and aggression on human life is a criminal act and uncivilized behavior which should receive severe punishment according to the Law of God Almighty (Shariah) and the international conventions and rules.
5- Detention of human freedom illegally, and abuse of a human body and sensation without implementing the right Islamic laws, should not be allowed and this should be reinforced by international conventions, rules and charters.
6- Aggression on personal and public property is again a criminal act which deserves punishment according to the laws of eternal heaven and the international conventions.
7- Non-respect of human privacy, aggression of a human's own territory, following his blemishes and spreading of immoral values are true violations of human rights.
8- Compulsion in religion is forbidden according to the Divine law, international traditions and conventions which should not be practiced under any circumstances.
9- The precise and persistent balance between scientific and technological progress on one hand and values, principles and morals on the other hand is a must in order to achieve the human dignity, safeguard a human's rights as well as maintaining the safety of the environment.
10- Terrorism, extremism and fundamentalism are serious issues that contradict with Islamic values, eternal divine laws and human nature. We have to eradicate its risks and ill-effects on human culture for the generations to come.
11- Respecting unity of the human family and integration of its benefits, support and sustain the human rights.
12- Justice, peace, inter–acquaintance to exchange knowledge and save co-existence are the basic foundations of relationship between communities. Armed conflicts on the other hand exceptional situations imposed by the tendency of oppression and aggression.
13- Justice is the source of every virtue and the strongest guard to achieve the safety of the individuals, groups and the international community.
14- Man and woman are partners in bearing the responsibilities of life on the basis of the acquitable integrations between them.
15- A family is based on the legal marriage between a man and a woman and is the unique and solid base to build safe society which guarantees the good up-bringing of responsible generations.
16- Fighting terrorism and mutiny against standards of justice, regional and international legislation as well as fighting aggression against values of fair world peace, all these are noble goals and legal duties.
17- Respecting people’s rights in defending themselves and respecting their rights of self-determination, this is of a vital importance to the world peace and security.
18- Fighting poverty, disease, ignorance, illiteracy is a religious duty and international responsibility.
19- Fighting drug abuse, prostitution and fighting the degeneration of family and the moral deterioration are again both religious and international responsibilities.
20- Earth is home for all, and a field of competition in good deeds. We have to keep it safe and uncorrupted.
21- Dialogue between cultures and civilizations is a religious requirement and civilized method to achieve a safe and fair co-existence amongst communities.
22- Respecting cultural diversity and cultural specialties of communities is the right way to crystallize and put together a fair world charter for security, peace and sustainable development.
23- Values and principles of Islam are the source to enrich the international convention and contracts and to enhance human dignity, rights and duties in order to realize and create a safe and fair civilized co-existence.
Last but not least we assure our respect, appreciation and support to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a pioneer Islamic state in respecting human dignity, rights and duties. As a state it has committed itself to apply the Islamic laws (Shariah) and obligations towards well-balanced centralized approach within its international and regional relations and for its sincere method in achieving security and fair peace amongst the world states and communities.