2003 Press Release

More humanitarian aid from Saudi Arabia reaches Iraq
Ambulances, Medicine, Food Part of Comprehensive Aid Package

[Washington, DC]-- The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia sent another convoy of humanitarian aid into Iraq yesterday.  Sixteen trucks carrying over 400 tons of food, water, medicine and other basic supplies to aid the Iraqi people left Riyadh for Baghdad, where distribution of Saudi relief aid is on-going.

With this convoy of aid, the Kingdom has also donated six fully-equipped ambulances destined for Iraqi hospitals.  In addition, Saudi Arabia is operating a large field hospital with about 180 medical staff that reached Iraq two weeks ago and is now treating as many as 800 patients a day.

Last week, the Kingdom started to airlift Iraqi patients to Saudi hospitals for specialized treatment.  On their outward flights, the planes carry medicine and medical equipment for the field hospital.

Saudi Arabia remains committed to, and calls upon the international community to join it in, addressing the urgent humanitarian needs of the Iraqi people.