2003 Press Release

Saudi Arabia calls for more cooperation to fight terrorism

(Riyadh, Saudi Arabia) --  Saudi Arabia's Interior Minister, Prince Naif
bin Abdul Aziz, called on the international community to increase cooperation and coordination to fight global terrorism.

Global terrorism networks, such as Al-Qaeda, have diffuse operations that weave through many countries.  Their tactics and methods of operation have the ability to elude conventional law enforcement efforts.  And, as the strategies of terrorist groups continue to shift, new and more sophisticated efforts must be put in place to combat them.

"We have always warned of the dangers of terrorism and its impact on the security and safety of the people.  And we have repeatedly called for more cooperation among countries to combat this phenomenon, which does not have a religion or a nationality or a time or a place."

Saudi Arabia was a principal architect of the 1998 agreement among Arab countries to establish regional counter-terrorism cooperation.  It has also been a leader in joint counter-terrorism agreements established through the United Nations and through the G-8 countries.

Since September 11, 2001, Saudi Arabia has detained more than 300 suspects and sent 90 to trial.  In addition, arrests of a number of major Al-Qaeda leaders were accomplished as a result of Saudi cooperation.

This week, Saudi Arabia foiled the plans of a group of terrorists.  Saudi law-enforcement officials captured over 800 pounds of high explosives, 55 hand-grenades, and 2,545 bullets of different calibers, as well as cash and various disguises.   An intensive manhunt is currently underway to apprehend 19 individuals involved in this plot.

According to Prince Naif, those who terrorize and kill innocent people in the name of Islam are the ones who are farthest from the practice of Islam.