2003 Press Release

Saudi Arabia arrests suspects
International Cooperation Is Excellent

Saudi Arabian law enforcement authorities yesterday announced that four men have been arrested in connection with last Monday's bombings.  The suspects are believed to be part of the Al-Qaeda cell that was responsible the bombings.  Saudi authorities believe the individuals in custody

According to Saudi Ambassador Prince Bandar bin Sultan: “We are making progress in this investigation.  Our country is still reeling from these horrible attacks and our people demand quick action.  And, they will get it.”

Currently, more than 60 FBI agents are in the Kingdom working with Saudi law enforcement authorities.  More are on the way. In addition, a team from U.K.'s Scotland Yard is also in the country. “We welcome the assistance of two of the finest investigation teams in the world,” stated Prince Bandar.  “There is full and complete cooperation at all levels between Saudi and American investigators.”

Saudi Arabia has increased security throughout the country.  The terrorist threat level remains high and the country continues to be on a heightened state of alert.  Special forces have been deployed and other measures are being taken to protect residents as well as Saudi citizens and residents.

“We are beefing up security and doing everything we can to protect people living in the Kingdom.   We are taking all necessary steps to ensure security,” added Prince Bandar.