2003 Press Release

Saudi Arabia has arrested 124 terror suspects since Riyadh bombings

[Washington, DC] -- Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz announced yesterday that since the May 12 Riyadh bombings, Saudi Arabia has arrested 124 individuals, both Saudi and non-Saudi, with suspected ties to terrorism, including 5 women.

Prince Nayef also said that in confronting terrorism the Kingdom must address the root causes that have motivated some Saudis to become part of terror cults.  According to Prince Nayef:  “We have witnessed the criminal acts of some of our youth, who are citizens of this country. They have killed people, and have destroyed property, and have terrified families. If a person does something wrong and is convinced that it is right, then we have to look at the root causes. We need to ask: Did the source of this ideology come from this land or was it imported from outside? Was it the result of fanatical ideas from people who have been brainwashed? Or is it a combination of factors, internal and external?”

Saudi Arabia is determined to confront the threat posed by terrorism to ensure the safety of its citizens and residents.