2003 Press Release

Palestinian Prime Minister defends Saudi Aid to Palestinians

Praises History of Saudi Assistance

Palestinian Prime Minister Dr. Mahmoud Abbas has denied that funds from Saudi Arabia intended for Palestinians in need end up in the wrong hands, commenting: "Saudi financial assistance to needy Palestinians goes through the Palestinian Authority and not to militant groups."  He noted the continuous support offered by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the Palestinian Authority and people, and described the Saudi policy of assistance as "reasonable and objective".

Prime Minister Abbas stated: "Saudi support for Palestinians comes through proper channels, and is used in financing projects and programs that benefit the Palestinians."  He added: "We have been receiving financial assistance from Saudi Arabia since the formation of the Palestine Liberation Organization.  It is used to build houses, support poor students and buy relief supplies."

According to Ambassador Bandar bin Sultan: "Conditions are continually worsening in the territories and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is committed to addressing the needs of the Palestinian people and this humanitarian crisis. The objective of the aid is to improve people's lives, not add to the violence."