2003 Press Release

Saudi Information Office issues clarification

The Director of the Saudi Arabian Information Office in Washington DC, Mr. Nail Al-Jubeir, wishes to clarify a recent statement regarding illegal border crossings into Iraq in which he was quoted by UPI as saying that the United States had not formally approached the Saudi government on this issue.  While it is true that there have been discussions between the two governments, the Saudi government has nevertheless not been presented with evidence that supports media reports of illegal movement across its 500-mile border with Iraq.

Although the land along the border between the two countries consists of vast stretches of desert and is largely uninhabited, Saudi Arabia maintains buffer zones as well as manned border posts.   Until a few months ago, Iraq also had security measures in place as well as personnel manning its border posts.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has raised this issue with the United States and discussed the possible redeployment of border patrols on the Iraqi side of the boundary.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will continue to monitor all of its borders to prevent illegal activities.