2003 Press Releases

December 28, 2003Saudi airlift delivers over 150 tons of relief supplies to earthquake victims in Iran
December 23, 2003Saudi Arabia and United States make joint designation on terror financing
December 14, 2003Saudi Ambassador Comments on Capture of Saddam Hussein
December 01, 2003Saudi Ambassador denies reports of any change in Saudi aid to Iraq
November 25, 2003Saudi leaders' Eid address urges Muslims to unite against terror
November 25, 2003Statement by Saudi Ambassador, Prince Bandar
November 19, 2003Prince Bandar on court decision (clearing Saudi princes in lawsuit)
November 14, 2003Adel Al-Jubeir Embassy statement at press conference
November 10, 2003Latest developments in War on Terrorism
November 10, 2003U.S. official expresses condolences on Riyadh explosion
November 09, 2003Saudi Ambassador responds to terrorist attack
November 07, 2003Progress on economic, educational and political reforms
November 04, 2003Militant suspects arrested following raid in Makkah
November 03, 2003Saudi forces kill two terrorists and seize explosives
October 24, 2003Saudi Arabia pledges $1 billion for reconstruction in Iraq
October 17, 2003Prince Bandar issues clarification [on pre-9-11 terrorist information]
October 16, 2003Statement by Adel Al-Jubeir [on 9-11 lawsuits against Saudis]
October 13, 2003Saudi Arabia to hold elections
September 30, 2003Prince Saud calls for end of anti-Saudi campaign
September 26, 2003Prince Saud refutes claims about departure of U.S. Ambassador
September 25, 2003Prince Bandar denies U.S. Ambassador Jordan asked to leave
September 18, 2003Saudi Arabia does not seek nuclear weapons
September 13, 2003Saudi Ambassador responds to Newsweek article
September 10, 2003Statement on case of Canadian citizen William Sampson
September 05, 2003Adnan El Shukrijumah is not a Saudi citizen
September 04, 2003King Fahd addresses role of mosque in Islam, condemns extremism
September 04, 2003Islamic Affairs Minister urges revision of Kingdom’s textbooks
September 04, 2003Prince Bandar's statement on Saudi policy on oil prices
September 02, 2003Saudi Arabia signs bilateral agreement with European Union
August 28, 2003Saudi Information Office issues clarification on Iraq statement
August 21, 2003Kingdom's highest religious authority warns against extremism
August 19, 2003Prince Bandar's statement on Al-Qaeda tape
August 13, 2003Statement on Al-Qaeda by Prince Bandar
August 11, 2003Palestinian Prime Minister defends Saudi Aid to Palestinians
August 02, 2003Bayoumi, Bassnam not Saudi agents (rebuttal from Prince Bandar)
July 29, 2003Prince Saud's statement after meeting with U.S. President
July 28, 2003Six terror suspects killed in shootout
July 24, 2003Saudi Ambassador's response to 9-11 report
July 23, 2003Al-Bayoumi not a government agent (rebuttal from Prince Bandar)
July 21, 2003Saudi Arabia thwarts terrorist attacks
July 18, 2003Prince Bandar responds to remarks by former Israeli official
July 17, 2003Saudi Arabia’s progress in the War on Terrorism
July 17, 2003Saudi Arabia signs gas deal with international oil companies
July 03, 2003Death of top Al-Qaeda fugitive
July 03, 2003Update on death of top Al-Qaeda fugitive
July 02, 2003Arrest of 124 terrorist suspects since Riyadh bombings
June 26, 2003Top Al-Qaeda fugitive surrenders to Saudi authorities
June 20, 2003Saudi Arabia takes steps to liberalize economy
June 19, 2003Saudi Arabia to build 10 water purification facilities in Iraq
June 18, 2003Money launderers to be severely punished
June 12, 2003SAMA implements new regulations regarding charities
June 12, 2003Adel Al-Jubeir at Washington DC Embassy press conference
June 09, 2003Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia launches new ads
June 03, 2003Saudi Arabia pledges support for U.S.-led peace negotiations
May 21, 2003No substance to report that arms came from National Guard
May 20, 2003King Fahd vows to expand reforms; no tolerance for terrorism
May 19, 2003Saudi Arabia arrests suspects in Riyadh bombings
May 16, 2003Adel Al-Jubeir at Washington DC Embassy press conference
May 13, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah addresses nation after Riyadh bombings
May 13, 2003Prince Bandar's statement after Riyadh bombings
May 08, 2003Saudi Arabia calls for more cooperation to fight terrorism
May 07, 2003Human Rights Committee to be set up in Saudi Arabia
May 07, 2003Saudi Arabia foils terrorist plot
May 05, 2003More humanitarian aid from Saudi Arabia reaches Iraq
April 28, 2003Medical Evacuations, Organized Philanthropic Campaign Underway
April 21, 2003Saudi Arabia deploys field hospital to Iraq
April 02, 2003Prince Bandar responds to Iraqi Vice President
March 31, 2003Adnan El Shukrijumah is not a Saudi citizen
March 26, 2003Saudi Arabia to provide humanitarian assistance to Iraqi people
March 20, 2003Kingdom reiterates assurances of stable oil supplies
March 19, 2003Saudi Arabia opens opportunities for women in manufacturing sector
March 17, 2003Saudi Arabia strives to keep oil market & prices stable
March 01, 2003Saudi Embassy restates commitment to assist citizens worldwide
February 27, 2003Saudi Arabia launches counter-terrorism training program
February 26, 2003Saudi Arabia arrests seven terrorist suspects
February 20, 2003Prince Bandar calls ABC News report “Untrue”
February 13, 2003Saudi King and Crown Prince address Muslims [Eid Al-Adha 1423]
February 11, 2003Saudi religious leaders ban attacks on non-Muslims
February 11, 2003What America's leaders say about Saudi Arabia
February 05, 2003Statement on Saudi cooperation with FBI investigation
February 04, 2003Statement on Saudi education system
January 24, 2003Saudi Arabia voices concerns about global economy
January 23, 2003Rebuttal of Jazeerah slur on Bandar's DC remarks (Arabic; pdf)
January 21, 2003Saudi Initiative for Arab Economic and Political Development
January 13, 2003Saudi Crown Prince calls for moderation and tolerance
January 09, 2003Saudi telecom company IPO declared a ‘Huge Success’
January 07, 2003Minister of Education vows to improve education system