2003 News Story

Latest Developments: Saudi Arabia’s Progress in the War on Terrorism

I vow to my fellow citizens and to the friends who reside among us, that the State will be vigilant about their security and well-being.  Our nation is capable, by the Grace of God Almighty and the unity of its citizens, to confront and destroy the threat posed by a deviant few and those who endorse or support them.  With the help of God Almighty, we shall prevail.

Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, Deputy Prime Minister
and Commander of the National Guard, May 13, 2003

Actions to Counter Terrorism

Questioned thousands of suspects

Arrested more than 600 individuals

Broke up a number of Al-Qaeda cells

Seized large quantities of arms caches

Extradited suspects from other countries

Set up joint task forces with the United States


Specific Cases:

International Cooperation

Actions Taken in the Financial Area

After the terrible attacks in Riyadh on May the 12th, the government of Saudi Arabia has intensified its long-standing efforts against the Al-Qaeda network. Recently Saudi's security services apprehended Abu Bakr, believed to be a central figure in the Riyadh bombing, and killed a major Al-Qaeda operational planner and fundraiser, a man known in terrorist circles as "Swift Sword."… America and Saudi Arabia face a common terrorist threat, and we appreciate the strong, continuing efforts of the Saudi government in fighting that threat.”

George W. Bush, President of the United States, July 1, 2003