2003 News Story

Terrorist suspect arrested in Riyadh in connection with Al-Muhaya bombing
Large quantities of arms and ammunition seized

The Interior Ministry has announced the arrest on November 26 of a suspected terrorist, whose identity is being withheld because of the ongoing investigations. The suspect’s hiding place was linked to the terrorist cell involved in the November 9 car bombing at the Al-Muhaya residential complex in Riyadh.


Search of the hiding place revealed large quantities of arms and documents. Items discovered by Saudi security personnel include one SAM-7 surface to air missile, five rocket-propelled grenade launchers, 384 kilogram of the powerful explosive RDX, 89 detonators, 20 hand grenades, eight AK-47 assault rifles, 41 AK-47 magazines, and 16,800 rounds of ammunition.  Also recovered were four wireless communication devices, three computers, computer disks and CDs, and SR 94,395 in cash, as well as numerous identity cards and leaflets calling for the perpetration of acts of terror.

Saudi law enforcement authorities are continuing their search for other suspects connected to these cells.  The Kingdom is firmly pursuing any person who tries to undermine the security and safety of the country, its citizens and its residents, and warned against sheltering any suspected terrorist.