2003 News Story

Interior Ministry publishes names of 26 wanted terrorist suspects

The Ministry of Interior today published the names and photos of 26 suspects wanted by the security forces in connection with the terrorist incidents that have taken place in the Kingdom in the past few months, urging them to surrender to the authorities. Anyone convicted, the statement said, will be treated in accordance with the tolerant rules of Shariah [Islamic Law]. Also subject to religious law is anyone who covers up for or cooperates in any way with those wanted, and the Ministry called on all citizens and residents to report information they may have about any of the wanted suspects, giving assurances that all such reports will be kept secret. Immediate financial rewards of up to SR 7 million [U.S. 1.9 million] are available for information leading to the arrest of any wanted suspect, or any other terrorist elements and cells.

The list of names of those currently wanted by security authorities are:

  1. Abdulaziz Abdulmuhsin Almughrin, Saudi
  2. Rakan Muhsin Mohammad Alsaykhan, Saudi
  3. Khalid Ali Ali-Haj, Yemeni
  4. Kareem Altohami Almojati, Moroccan
  5. Salih Mohammad Awadallah Alalawy Aloafi, Saudi
  6. Ibrahim Mohammad Abdullah Alrayis, Saudi
  7. Saud Homood Obaid Alqotaini Alotaibi, Saudi
  8. Ahmad Abdulrahman Saqr Alfadhli, Saudi
  9. Sultan Bjad So'doon Alotaibi, Saudi
  10. Abdullah Saud Abunayan Alsobaie'e, Saudi
  11. Faisal Abdulrahman Abdullah Aldakheel, Saudi
  12. Faris Ahmad Jamaan Al Showeel Alzahrani, Saudi
  13. Khalid Mobarak Habeeb-Allah Alqurashi, Saudi
  14. Mansoor Mohammad Ahmad Faqeeh, Saudi
  15. Isa Saad Mohammad bin O'ooshan, Saudi
  16. Talib Saud Abdullah Al Talib, Saudi
  17. Mostafa Ibrahim Mohammad Mobaraki, Saudi
  18. Abulmajeed Mohammad Abdullah Almoneea', Saudi
  19. Nasir Rashid Nasir Alrashid, Saudi
  20. Bandar Abdulrahman Abdullah Aldakheel, Saudi
  21. Osman Hadi Al Maqboul Almardy Alomary, Saudi
  22. Talal A'nbar Ahmad A'nbari, Saudi
  23. A'amir Mohsin Moreef Al Zaidan Alshihri, Saudi
  24. Abdullah Mohammad Rashid Alroshood, Saudi
  25. Abdulrahman Mohammad Mohammad Yazji, Saudi
  26. Hosain Mohammad Alhasaki, Moroccan

The Ministry of Interior announced it will periodically update this information.