2003 News Story

Information minister hosts foreign correspondents covering Hajj 1423

Minister of Information Dr. Fuad Al-Farsi held a reception today for foreign correspondents who have been covering the 1423 Hajj pilgrimage. In his address, Dr. Al-Farsi commented that terrorism and extremism are global phenomena, not restricted to any race, nationality, or specific group. Nobody, he said, has the right to charge any particular country with wrongdoing committed by one person or a misguided group; nor to accuse the entire community of over one billion Muslims, who represent different races and peoples. The real image of Islam is reflected in the activities of the Hajj, which have been transmitted live to the whole world. "Faced with false accusations", he declared, "we must become more united, and do our best to present the Islamic point of view in a clear manner, refute such allegations, and call on God for right guidance. We must also draw up appropriate and clear plans to address the cultural particularities of other nations in order to be able to convey our information message to all targeted spheres. This will definitely help us achieve our hopeful and noble objectives, and silence the jarring voices that seek persistently to stir up the so-called 'clash of civilizations'."