2003 News Story

Third imam renounces his support for terrorists

In an interview broadcast yesterday on Saudi TV, Shaikh Ahmad Bin Hamoud Al-Khaledi has recanted and withdrawn his earlier fatwas [religious opinions], describing them as “a grave mistake.” Al-Khaledi is the third shaikh to recant on national television.  The other two were Shaikh Nasser bin Hamad Al-Fahd and Shaikh Ali Al-Khudair.

Al-Khaledi was detained earlier this year for promoting militancy.  He renounced militants and condemned their terrorist attacks, saying he was shocked by the suicide bombing at the Al-Muhaya residential complex last month.

“My message to those who carry the weapons in the country of Islam is: Fear God and stop shedding blood.  Fear God and repent your mistakes.  Fear God and drop your weapons.  It is not shameful to admit mistakes," Al-Khaledi said during the broadcast.