2003 News Story

Interior Ministry announces arrests of terrorist suspects

Further to the statement of Interior Minister Nayef bin Abdulaziz in Tabuk last Wednesday, the Ministry has announced details of the pursuit and arrest of suspects in terrorist activities, issuing a list of names of those apprehended in Madinah last week. The following eleven individuals were found to be in possession of weapons and funds, false identity cards and documents, and materials and devices necessary for making explosives:

-        Ali Kudhair Fahd Al-Khudhair, Saudi

-        Ahmed Homood Al-Khaldi, Saudi

-        Saad Abdulrazzaq Faidhi Al-Ghamdi, Saudi

-        Turki Abdulaziz Al-Fuhaid, Saudi

-        Mohammed Abdulfattah Mohammed Kiram, Moroccan

-        Nasser Hamad Humain Al-Fahd, Saudi

-        Mohammed Salim Al-Ghamdi, Saudi

-        Hisham Mubarak Al-Hakami, Saudi

-        Omar Mubarak Al-Hakami, Saudi

-        Majdi Ahmed Mohammed Ibrahim Abdullah Al-Khabrani, Saudi

-        Talib Ahmed Kareem, Moroccan.

In addition, Saudi national Abdulmonim Ali Mahfouz Al-Ghamdi was arrested, following a car chase, and three women without identity cards who were in the car he was driving were detained: his wife, Ghaidah Ahmed Souidah, a Syrian national; and two Moroccans, Hanan Abdullah Raqib and Al-Iyadiyah Ahmed Mohammed Al-Sayyad, allegedly the wives of Sultan bin Jibran Al-Qahtani and of Ali Abdulrahman Al-Faqaasi Al-Ghamdi, both of whom are on the wanted list.

Meanwhile, yesterday, on the Hail-Lainah highway, officers of a security patrol were suspicious of a stopped Toyota SUV carrying two persons. The suspects drove off when asked for identification, and the security officers gave chase. During the chase, a hand grenade was thrown, resulting in the death of two officers, Dirdah bin Waqaa Alshamiri and Saud bin Abdullah Alshamiri, and the injury of two others, Farhan bin Homood Alshamiri and Abdullah bin Mishaal Alshamiri. One of the perpetrators was eventually killed, and identified as Yousif Saleh Fahd Al-Ayeeri, named in the list of 19 wanted that was publicized earlier. The other, who gave his name as Abdullah bin Ibrahim bin Abdullah