2003 News Story

Interior ministry releases details of raid on terrorists in Qasim

The Ministry of Interior today released additional details about the incident on July 28, 2003, when Saudi security forces surrounded a farmhouse in Qasim Province where wanted terrorist suspects were in hiding. The statement said that these persons were linked to the incident in the Khalidiyah district of Makkah on June 14. Investigations had established their presence in the vicinity of the town of Ghadhi in the area of Oyoon Al-Jawaa in Qasim Province. Security forces surrounded the farmhouse, evacuating women, children and workers. Four men who had been sheltering the wanted terrorists were placed under arrest: Abdullah Hilal Al-Harbi; Mohammad Hilal Al-Harbi; Dhaifallah Hilal Al-Harbi; and Abdul-Elah Hilal Al-Harbi

The security forces used loudspeakers to call on the suspects to surrender, but they replied with machine gun fire and threw hand grenades, resulting in the death of two security officers: First Lieutenant Sattam bin Ghazai Al-Mutairy and Sergeant Ali bin Ghazi Al-Harbi. In addition, eight security officers were injured.

One of the suspects, who had been wounded in the firefight, was arrested: Ibrahim bin Abdullah Khalaf Al-Harbi, a Saudi national. The six who were killed were:

  1. Ahmed Nasser Abdullah Al-Dakheel, Saudi, whose name was on the list of 19 most wanted published on May 7, 2003
  2. Karim Olayan Al-Ramthan Al-Faridi Al-Harbi, Saudi
  3. Saud Aamer Suleiman Al-Qurashi, Saudi
  4. Mohammad Ghazi Salim Al-Wafi Al-Harbi, Saudi
  5. Isa Kamal Yousuf Khater, Chadian
  6. Isa Saleh Ali Ahmed, Chadian

The operation led to the confiscation of six cell phones with communications chips and a number of cassettes containing incriminating material, as well as weapons, including 7 knives, a pistol, 10 machine guns, 17 home-made bombs, and considerable amounts of ammunition.

The statement declared that security personnel are continuing to follow up on wanted individuals, who have no choice but to surrender and face trial in accordance with sharia [Islamic Law]; and warned all those who harbor, shield, or sympathize with wanted terrorists that they too face punishment.