2003 News Story

Senior Ulama condemn terrorism

The Committee of Senior Ulama [Religious Scholars] today condemned acts of terror that sought to ”simply sabotage the country, killing the innocent and horrifying the people.”  The 17-member Committee said in a statement issued today that it is the duty of senior ulama to educate the people on the pillars of their religion at this critical period of time so that they could not ignorantly follow the deviants and breach the unity of the nation and declared its support for the actions being taken by the state to track down terrorists in an effort to shield the country from their actions.

The statement said such acts of subversion, bombing, killing, and destruction of properties are considered serious hostilities against people, properties and public and personal ownership, and are crimes necessitating capital punishment.  The Committee categorically denied that such acts fall within the category of Jihad in accordance with the concept of Islamic, describing whoever commits any of these acts as deviating from the path of the Muslim community.

The statement called on all people to cooperate with the authorities to bring these deviant evildoers to justice, warning the people against committing a grave sin by providing shelter or refuge or any kind of cover for the evildoers or their associates.  The Committee of Senior Ulama also denounced fatwas [legal opinions] that justify such acts of terror and destabilization of the life of Muslims as acts of Jihad.  “Whoever issues such fatwas should be brought to justice and face punishment,” the statement said.

The Committee also condemned calls linking the acts of sabotage in the country with the religious institutions and religious educational curricula.  The statement said such cheap endeavors to defame our religion are targeting the pillars of our religion and attempting to undermine the state of Islam.