2003 News Story

Ambassador denies Canadian allegations of torture of prisoners

Ambassador to Canada Dr. Mohammad Ridha Al-Hussaini has denied media reports alleging that dual Canadian-British citizen Mr. William Sampson, who was convicted and imprisoned for crimes in the Kingdom, had been tortured.  Ambassador Al-Hussaini stressed that the Kingdom's laws forbid all forms of torture, and that Saudi Arabia is one of the signatories of international agreements banning racism, torture and inhumane and degrading punishments. He referred to the fact that Canadian officials have confirmed that previous reports of Sampson suffering torture in Saudi Arabia were incorrect. Moreover, the Canadian Ambassador to the Kingdom had reported Sampson telling consular officials that he had been well treated. Sampson's father, who visited him twice, reported the same. Ambassador Al-Hussaini pointed out that Sampson, who was recently pardoned and released, has health problems due to his addiction to smoking, that he was provided with medical help when he needed it, and that he underwent two successful heart operations in the Kingdom. [full text of Ambassador's statement]