2003 News Story

Crown Prince addresses Riyadh Economic Forum

Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, in an address to the closing session of the Riyadh Economic Forum read on his behalf by Minister of Finance Dr. Ibrahim Al-Assaf, declared that Saudi citizens, not petroleum or any other mineral, constitute the real wealth of the country. Saudi citizens, he said, both men and women, are the Kingdom's real assets, and stressed the importance of the partnership between the government and the private sector. The private sector, he said, has made great advances in the transfer of vital sectors of the economy from government-run to private organizations. He vowed that the government will continue to listen to the views of the private sector, which has gradually and efficiently assumed the driving of the economy. Commenting that one of the foremost challenges facing the economy is creating jobs for citizens, he urged the private sector to make a priority of recruiting young Saudis.