2003 News Story

Crown Prince Abdullah on state visit to Pakistan

Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz arrived in Riyadh today after a two-day state visit to Pakistan. Crown Prince Abdullah was received yesterday by President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf with whom he discussed the latest international developments, especially the Palestinian cause and the situation in Iraq, as well as bilateral relations. The Crown Prince also held talks today with Prime Minister of Pakistan Mir Zafrullah Jamali. A joint communiqué was issued today, in which Saudi Arabia and Pakistan reaffirmed their commitment to the war against terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

In his speech at the reception yesterday, Crown Prince Abdullah stated that terrorists are the greatest enemies of Islam, and undermine Muslim countries while inciting the entire world against Islam and Muslims. Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, he said, are proof that Islam is a pioneering civilization that stands for good, well-being and justice. The two countries, however, which have the potential and resources to realize progress and prosperity for their peoples, both face the menace of terrorism. He declared that the Saudi-Pakistani friendship will nevertheless survive the vicissitudes of the time, commenting that the two peoples share the same history and fate. He urged that national unity be strengthened within each Muslim country, and that relations be established with non-Muslim states on correct religious and ideological bases.

Crown Prince Abdullah asserted that since Islam is a tolerant religion, there is no room for terrorists and extremists, and cited Prophet Muhammad as showing tolerance towards his enemies in Madinah. "A true Muslim", he said, "should take part in building up the community rather than hiding in a cave or running a clandestine cell of terrorists."

On the Middle East, the Crown Prince asserted that real peace is possible through the Kingdom's initiative adopted by the Beirut Summit, and expressed the hope for stability to the region and the establishment of an independent state for the Palestinian people, with Al-Quods [East Jerusalem] as its capital. Similarly, constructive dialogue is the way to solve the Kashmir problem, and he praised President Musharraf's peace initiative in this respect.

In his address, President Musharraf commented that Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have very special relations, sharing indestructible bonds of a common faith, culture and values, history and heritage, and holding common aspirations and objectives, committed to strengthening regional peace, stability and security.

At a joint news conference today with Pakistan's Foreign Minister Khurshid Mehmood Kasuri, Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Saud Al Faisal commented that Israel's defense cooperation with India, involving submarines with nuclear weapon capability, would not serve the interests of the region. He described it as "a worrying element". On Kashmir, Prince Saud praised President Musharraf's efforts for a peaceful settlement, and confirmed Saudi Arabia's support for peace in that disputed area. As for sending troops to Iraq, Prince Saud and Kasuri both agreed that their countries would wait for a request from the Iraqi government before taking such a decision. Both attested to the strength and depth of Saudi-Pakistani relations and that they would be further strengthened in the years to come.