2003 News Story

Foreign minister at meeting in Damascus of Iraq's neighbors

Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Saud Al-Faisal attended in Damascus today the meeting of foreign ministers from Iraq's neighboring countries of Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Syria and Turkey, plus Egypt. The meeting's closing statement stressed respect for Iraq's sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity, and commitment to the principle of non-interference in Iraq's internal affairs.

In the statement, the ministers called on the UN to work to accelerate transfer of authority to the Iraqis; expressed full solidarity with the Iraqi people, acknowledging the dangerous deterioration in security and in their economic and living conditions; expressed support of the efforts of the Governing Council in carrying out its transitional responsibilities until the formation of an elected and fully representative Iraqi government that fulfills the aspirations and interests of the Iraqi people and ensures equality for all the citizens of a united Iraq; urged the occupation forces to restore security and stability to Iraq in accordance with their responsibilities under UN Security Council resolutions and international law; condemned the terrorist bombings targeting civilians, humanitarian and religious institutions, embassies and international organizations working in Iraq; and pledged to work with Iraqi authorities to prevent violation of borders and stop the spread of violence.