December 31, 2003Palestinian prime minister departs after 2-day visit
December 31, 2003Humanitarian relief handed over to Palestinian officials in Kingdom
December 31, 2003Preparations for Hajj continue
December 31, 2003Kingdom hands over third payment for demining program in Yemen
December 31, 2003Pilgrims continue arriving for Hajj
December 30, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah, Prince Nayef meet Palestinian prime minister
December 30, 2003Terror suspect surrenders
December 30, 2003King Fahd meets Palestinian Prime Minister Qurie
December 30, 2003Relief airlift to Iran continues
December 30, 2003GCC to provide Iran with earthquake reconstruction aid
December 29, 2003Cabinet meeting
December 29, 2003Car explosion in Riyadh
December 29, 2003Hajj transportation committee approves buses for 1424 Hajj
December 29, 2003Water treatment plant inaugurated in Baghdad
December 29, 2003GCC finance ministers discuss aid to Iran
December 29, 2003Saudi field hospital to be set up in Bam to treat earthquake victims
December 29, 2003Kingdom seeking release of medical staff detained in Iraq
December 28, 2003Kingdom denies report by U.K. newspaper
December 27, 2003Relief planes dispatched to earthquake victims in Iran
December 27, 2003Saudi Arabia and Bosnia-Herzegovina sign cooperation agreement
December 26, 2003National Forum for Intellectual Dialogue to hold second meeting
December 24, 2003Kingdom transfers funds to Palestinian Authority
December 23, 2003Kingdom sends aid to Palestinians in need
December 23, 2003Kingdom delivers humanitarian assistance to Sri Lanka
December 23, 2003Appointment of Minister of State for Shura Affairs
December 22, 2003Kingdom, Syria Sign MOU on civil aviation
December 22, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah returns from GCC summit
December 22, 2003Shura Council passes investment tax system
December 21, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah arrives in Kuwait for GCC summit
December 21, 2003Saudi Arabian Airlines preparing for 1424 Hajj
December 20, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah receives message from U.S. President
December 20, 2003Positive revenues attributed to increased oil production and robust prices
December 20, 2003WTO talks in Riyadh conclude with seven bilateral agreements
December 19, 2003Prince Sultan pays brief visit to Jordan
December 19, 2003Crown Prince vows to root out terrorists and their supporters
December 18, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah to attend GCC meeting in Kuwait
December 17, 2003Oil minister addresses Washington DC energy conference on LNG
December 17, 2003Third imam renounces his support for terrorists
December 17, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah, Prince Naif meet with Iraqi officials
December 17, 2003Prince Naif meets with U.S. DCM
December 17, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah opens Jenadriyah festival
December 17, 2003MWL holds jurisprudence conference in Makkah
December 16, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah meets with former U.S. officials
December 16, 2003All news TV channel to be launched next month
December 15, 2003Kingdom hopes Saddam's arrest brings brighter future for Iraqi people
December 15, 2003King Fahd announces 1424-1425 (2004) state budget
December 15, 2003The Ministry of Finance issues report on the economy
December 14, 2003Saudi Hajj Minister receives Iraqi Hajj delegation
December 14, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah receives telephone call from President Bush
December 14, 2003Saudi, British Geological Surveys sign cooperation agreement
December 13, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah meets with Iraqi officials
December 13, 2003Saudi business women to attend GCC business meeting
December 12, 2003Saudi-funded heart center opens in Kazakhstan
December 08, 2003Financial consultation tender awarded for railroad expansion project
December 08, 2003One of the wanted terrorists listed Saturday pursued and killed
December 08, 2003More Iraqi refugees leave for home from Rafha camp
December 08, 2003GCC meeting in Riyadh to discuss ban on chemical weapons
December 07, 2003MWL to focus on enhancing coordination of religious rulings
December 07, 2003Second Arab Thought Conference concludes in Beirut
December 07, 2003International companies interested in Maaden’s aluminum project
December 06, 2003Interior Ministry publishes names of 26 wanted terrorist suspects
December 04, 2003Saudi Red Crescent to expand facilities in Jeddah and Makkah
December 04, 2003Commerce Minister affirms economic reform at UNIDO conference
December 04, 2003Prince Sultan on reform of the Kingdom’s educational system
December 03, 2003Kingdom deplores Israel’s rigidity in rejecting peace move
December 03, 2003Terrorist suspect arrested in Riyadh for Al-Muhaya bombing
December 02, 2003Saudi field hospital concludes its mission in Baghdad
December 02, 2003Kingdom denies arrangement with Israel to combat terrorism
December 02, 2003Saudi investment conference in London
December 01, 2003Prince Sultan tours Eastern Province after visiting Tabuk
December 01, 2003Second Arab Thought Foundation conference to be held in Beirut
December 01, 2003Two of Al-Muhaya terrorists identified
November 29, 2003Computerized Hajj permits for citizens and residents now in effect
November 29, 2003King Fahd extends officials’ terms, re-forms SCPM, and amends Shura
November 28, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah calls U.S. President
November 27, 2003Interior ministry gives details of foiled plot
November 24, 2003Saudi leaders congratulate Muslims on 1424 Eid Al-Fitr
November 23, 2003Senegalese President in Kingdom for umrah
November 23, 2003Another imam renounces his support for terrorists
November 22, 2003Hospital fire in Riyadh results in minor injuries to nurses
November 21, 2003Wanted terrorist surrenders
November 20, 2003Saudi aid program for Iraqi people to continue after Eid
November 17, 2003Prince Nayef's press conference addresses terrorism
November 17, 2003Cabinet meeting
November 16, 2003Plans announced for new Jeddah-Makkah highway
November 16, 2003Saudi Adviser's interview on CNN addresses Al-Qaeda issue
November 16, 2003Minister signs natural gas agreement with international oil companies
November 14, 2003Fingerprinting of pilgrims to begin in Shawwal
November 11, 2003Religious leaders condemn terrorist attack in Riyadh
November 11, 2003Evacuation of Iraqi refugees from Rafha Camp continues
November 11, 2003Kingdom asserts at UN its adherence to human rights
November 10, 2003Latest developments in War on Terrorism
November 10, 2003Cabinet meeting
November 10, 2003U.S. official expresses condolences on Riyadh explosion
November 09, 2003Saudi Ambassador responds to terrorist attack
November 09, 2003Eleven killed in terrorist attack on Riyadh residential complex
November 06, 2003Security forces kill terrorist suspect in Riyadh
November 06, 2003Terrorist suspects commit suicide when cornered in Makkah
November 04, 2003Militant suspects arrested following raid in Makkah (PRESS RELEASE)
November 04, 2003Crown Prince approves funding for youth training
November 03, 2003Cabinet meeting
November 03, 2003Oil minister at 25th meeting of GCC ministers of petroleum
November 03, 2003Two terrorist suspects killed in raid in Makkah
November 02, 2003Foreign minister at meeting in Damascus of Iraq's neighbors
November 02, 2003King Fahd receives 39th annual SAMA report
November 01, 2003Kingdom refutes report of bugging during State visit to Pakistan
November 01, 2003Shura Council launches weekly television program
November 01, 2003SCPM reaffirms Kingdom's policy on stable oil prices
October 28, 2003Cabinet meeting
October 28, 2003Commerce minister approves new health care stock company
October 26, 2003Prince Khalid speaks of progress towards reform
October 26, 2003Saudi leaders issue 1424 Ramadan statement to all Muslims
October 26, 2003Minister reports on GCC water and electricity cooperation meeting
October 25, 2003Prince Bandar holds press conference at Tufts University
October 25, 2003New Saudi international school opens in Beijing
October 25, 2003International companies to participate in Riyadh car show
October 24, 2003Kingdom makes its pledge at Iraq donors' conference in Madrid
October 24, 2003Saudi Arabia pledges $1 billion for reconstruction in Iraq
October 24, 2003Saudi Arabia sends relief aid to Liberia
October 23, 2003Prince Bandar meets with U.S. Vice-President in Washington DC
October 22, 2003Interior ministry reports arrests for protest incident
October 22, 2003GCC interior ministers recommend unified ID documents
October 21, 2003SABIC posts profits for third quarter of FY 2003
October 21, 2003Saudi Arabia embarks on fourth generation of ARABSAT
October 20, 2003Interior ministry gives details of recent raids on terrorist cells
October 20, 2003Cabinet meeting
October 19, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah on state visit to Pakistan
October 19, 2003Commerce Minister receives U.S. delegation in Riyadh
October 17, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah addresses Tenth OIC Summit in Putrajaya
October 16, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah arrives in Putrajaya for Tenth OIC Summit
October 15, 2003Human Rights Conference concludes with 'Riyadh Declaration'
October 15, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah received by Ruler of Malaysia
October 14, 2003Prince Nayef holds press briefing at human rights conference
October 14, 2003Prince Nayef holds press briefing at human rights conference
October 13, 2003Crown Prince urges Saudi businessmen to invest in homeland
October 13, 2003Cabinet meeting
October 12, 2003SRO chairman confirms plans for expansion of rail network
October 12, 2003Security forces follow all leads in fights against terrorism
October 12, 2003IDB pledges funds for post-war Iraq as well as for Palestine
October 11, 2003Upstream gas agreement signed with international oil companies
October 10, 2003Makkah symposium calls for moderation and resisting extremism
October 10, 2003Initiatives and actions in war on terrorism
October 08, 2003Crown Prince addresses Riyadh Economic Forum
October 08, 2003Security forces uncover two more terrorist cells
October 07, 2003Riyadh Economic Forum focuses on sustainable development
October 06, 2003New composition of consultative commission for economic affairs
October 06, 2003Islamic affairs ministry to hold symposium on resisting extremism
October 06, 2003Health minister praises Kingdom's pharmaceutical industry
October 06, 2003Cabinet meeting
October 05, 2003Kingdom continues relief aid to Chechens as well as Iraqis
October 05, 2003Prince Bandar meets with U.S. Secretary of Defense
October 05, 2003Saudi stock market shows increased activity
October 05, 2003Saudi leaders receive Chancellor Schroeder of Germany
October 05, 2003Saudi Arabia condemns Israeli aggression against Syria
October 04, 2003Saudi woman appointed Dean of Arab Open University in Jeddah
October 04, 2003Saudi leaders receive visiting Sudanese Vice President
October 02, 2003Prince Bandar received at White House by U.S. President
October 01, 2003Workshop on Saudi economy at Arab-U.S. Forum in Detroit
September 30, 2003Prince Saud's address in Detroit to U.S.-Arab Economic Council
September 29, 2003Prince Saud addresses 58th session of UN General Assembly
September 29, 2003Cabinet meeting
September 28, 2003GCC Investment Forum 2003 opens in Riyadh
September 27, 2003Washing the Holy Kaabah for 1424 Ramadan season
September 26, 2003Prince Saud refutes claims about departure of U.S. Ambassador
September 26, 2003Interior ministry gives more details of Jizan incident
September 26, 2003Prince Bandar visits Arizona and New Mexico
September 23, 2003Three terrorists killed and two captured in incident in Jizan
September 23, 2003Interior Ministry names one of terrorists slain in Jizan
September 22, 2003Prince Bandar in Los Angeles, praises Saudi-U.S. relations
September 22, 2003Cabinet meeting
September 20, 2003SAGIA Governor speaks on Saudi economy at symposium in Dubai
September 20, 2003Prince Bandar again speaks out against terrorism
September 18, 2003Saudi Arabia does not seek nuclear weapons
September 17, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah receives U.S. Treasury Secretary Snow
September 17, 2003Wanted terrorists extradited from Yemen include Al-Ghamdi
September 16, 2003GCC-EU economic dialogue forum opens in Riyadh
September 16, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah receives education minister
September 16, 2003Kingdom condemns Israeli decision on Arafat at UN session
September 15, 2003Kingdom's address to WTO conference in Cancun
September 15, 2003Interior ministry reports disastrous fire at prison in Riyadh
September 15, 2003Cabinet meeting
September 14, 2003Saudi Food and Hotels Expo opens in Riyadh
September 13, 2003Cabinet meeting
September 12, 2003Saudi Arabia condemns Israel's decision to expel President Arafat
September 11, 2003Ambassador denies Canadian allegations of torture of prisoners
September 10, 2003Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz appointed Ambassador to Spain
September 10, 2003Kingdom denies Israeli allegation of planned terrorist attack
September 10, 2003Prince Turki interviewed by Katie Couric
September 10, 2003Prince Saud interviewed by Scott Macleod
September 09, 2003Saudi Red Crescent reports on aid extended to Iraq since April
September 09, 2003Prince Saud praises decision on Iraq at Arab ministers meeting in Cairo
September 09, 2003Saudi Arabia to take part in organized crime conference in Italy
September 08, 2003GCC foreign ministers conclude 88th session
September 08, 2003GCC foreign ministers conclude 88th session
September 08, 2003GCC foreign ministers hold 88th meeting in Jeddah
September 08, 2003GCC foreign ministers hold 88th meeting in Jeddah
September 07, 2003Health ministry issues directives for this year's hajj season
September 07, 2003Saudi Interpol successful in bringing drug smuggler back for trial
September 05, 2003Nail Al-Jubeir's letter to Washington Times on U.S.-Saudi relations
September 05, 2003Crown Prince concludes state visit to Russia with press statement
September 05, 2003Adnan El Shukrijumah is not a Saudi citizen
September 04, 2003King Fahd addresses role of mosque in Islam, condemns
September 04, 2003King Fahd addresses role of mosque in Islam, condemns extremism
September 04, 2003Islamic Affairs Minister urges revision of Kingdom's textbooks
September 04, 2003Saudi Aramco working on production of low-sulfur diesel fuel
September 04, 2003Kingdom welcomes Iraq's return to the global oil market
September 04, 2003Prince Bandar's statement on Saudi policy on oil prices
September 03, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah's state visit to Russia
September 02, 2003Saudi Arabia signs bilateral agreement with European Union
September 02, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah arrives in Moscow on state visit to Russia
September 02, 2003A fifth plane leaves for Ethiopia with relief aid
September 01, 2003Mosque Council urges confrontation of deviant thinking
September 01, 2003Commerce minister on EU agreement and Kingdom's accession to WTO
September 01, 2003Cabinet meeting
August 29, 2003Preparation under way for eighth five-year plan (2005-09)
August 29, 2003Prince Bandar meets with U.S. Vice-President at his ranch
August 27, 2003Prince Bandar meets with U.S. officials in Washington DC
August 27, 2003Prince Bandar meets with former President George Bush
August 27, 2003SAGIA's October conference in Rome to focus on privatization
August 27, 2003Kingdom sends relief aid to Ethiopia
August 27, 2003Minister comments on future of higher education
August 27, 2003Health ministry to effect decentralization policy
August 26, 2003October meeting scheduled for NGOs to discuss relief aid in Gulf region
August 26, 2003Nail Al-Jubeir on Saudi-U.S. security task force
August 25, 2003Saudi leaders receive visiting Pakistani Prime Minister
August 25, 2003Cabinet meeting
August 24, 2003Saudi Development Fund issues 29th annual report
August 22, 2003Regional airport possible for Dhuba on the Red Sea
August 21, 2003Grand Mufti calls on Muslims to shun extremism, fanaticism
August 20, 2003GCC condemns attack at UN mission in Iraq
August 20, 2003Kingdom condemns attack at UN headquarters in Iraq
August 19, 2003Prince Bandar's statement on Al-Qaeda tape
August 18, 2003Cabinet meeting
August 17, 2003Senior Ulama condemn terrorism
August 14, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah praises courage of security forces
August 13, 2003Statement on Al-Qaeda by Prince Bandar
August 13, 2003Three security officers killed in clash with suspects in Riyadh
August 12, 2003Tripartite meeting in Cairo works for Arab solidarity
August 12, 2003Kingdom to import buses from South Korea
August 12, 2003Kingdom denies Saudi involvement in alleged Al-Qaeda attacks in Iraq
August 12, 2003IDB to fund women's hostel at Kabul University in Afghanistan
August 11, 2003Palestinian Prime Minister defends Saudi aid to Palestinians
August 11, 2003King Fahd appoints new deputy governor of Asir Province
August 11, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah visits Syria and Egypt
August 11, 2003Interior Ministry reports incident in Riyadh
August 11, 2003Cabinet meeting
August 10, 2003King Fahd receives Palestinian Prime Minister
August 10, 2003APICORP reports net profits for FY2002
August 09, 2003Women to participate in October economic forum
August 08, 2003Cabinet meeting
August 05, 2003Oil minister comments on Kingdom's booming industrial sector
August 05, 2003Interior ministry releases details of raid on terrorists in Qasim
August 05, 2003Saudi leadership receives visiting EU envoy on Middle East
August 04, 2003Cabinet meeting
August 04, 2003Saudi Aramco proceeds with natural gas plant expansion
August 04, 2003Saudi aid to victims of Sudan's floods
August 04, 2003Head of WAMY killed in car accident in Riyadh
August 03, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah announces new center for national dialogue
August 02, 2003Gas projects to be offered early next year
August 02, 2003Bayoumi, Bassnam not Saudi agents
August 01, 2003Ambassador reiterates on British TV Saudi position on terrorism
August 01, 2003Saudi-U.S. agreement on commerce and investment
July 29, 2003Funeral prayers for those killed in Qasim farmhouse raid
July 28, 2003Saudi security kill six terrorists in farmhouse shootout
July 28, 2003Six terror suspects killed in shootout
July 28, 2003Cabinet meeting
July 24, 2003Saudi Ambassador's response to 9-11 report
July 23, 2003Al-Bayoumi not a government agent
July 21, 2003Cabinet meeting
July 21, 2003Saudi Arabia thwarts terrorist attacks
July 17, 2003Saudi Arabia’s progress in the War on Terrorism
July 14, 2003Cabinet meeting
July 13, 2003Prince Nayef praises support of families in arresting terrorists
July 07, 2003Cabinet meeting
July 06, 2003Interior Ministry gives more details of Al-Jouf incident
July 05, 2003King honors those killed and injured in fight against terrorism
July 05, 2003Crown Prince reiterates condemnation of terrorism
July 03, 2003Death of top Al-Qaeda fugitive
July 03, 2003Update on death of top Al-Qaeda fugitive
July 02, 2003Arrest of 124 terrorist suspects since Riyadh bombings
July 02, 2003Saudi security forces arrest another wanted terrorist
July 01, 2003Prince Nayef focuses on terrorism in address to Shura Council
June 30, 2003Cabinet meeting
June 29, 2003Health ministry cautions pilgrims on spread of SARS
June 28, 2003STC to introduce new services, ready for competition
June 26, 2003Top Al-Qaeda fugitive surrenders to Saudi authorities
June 26, 2003Wanted Saudi terrorist gives himself up
June 25, 2003Conference in London focuses on Saudi economy
June 25, 2003Information minister at Arab conference in Cairo
June 24, 2003Museums encouraged as part of push for tourism
June 23, 2003Kingdom forging ahead with information technology
June 23, 2003Saudi Arabia pledges support for U.S.-led peace negotiations
June 23, 2003Cabinet meeting
June 22, 2003Crown Prince receives former U.S. President
June 21, 2003STC continues to reduce telephone charges
June 20, 2003Crown Prince receives scholars attending Islamic Dialogue Meeting
June 19, 2003Saudi Arabia to build 10 water purification facilities in Iraq
June 18, 2003Foreign ministry comments on U.S. custody case in Jeddah
June 18, 2003Money launderers to be severely punished
June 18, 2003Prince Nayef comments on terrorism in 'Al-Youm'
June 16, 2003Saudi Arabian Capital Markets Law now in effect
June 16, 2003Higher education ministry approves new private colleges
June 16, 2003Saudi foreign policy advisor discusses outline for peace efforts
June 16, 2003GCC Foreign Ministers condemn terrorism, support roadmap
June 16, 2003Cabinet meeting
June 15, 2003Edible oil factory planned for Yanbu
June 15, 2003Mass transit system planned for Riyadh
June 15, 2003SEC approves stock market, private air transport proposals
June 15, 2003Five terrorists killed in Makkah raid by security forces
June 15, 2003Crown Prince opens Riyadh seminar on dialogue
June 14, 2003Prince Saud on brief visit to Iran
June 14, 2003WAMY sends relief aid to Iraqis in need
June 12, 2003SAMA implements new regulations regarding charities
June 11, 2003Finance minister reports economy in good shape
June 09, 2003Private sector to invest in tourist industry
June 09, 2003Cabinet meeting
June 09, 2003Saudi aid continues in Musil and around Baghdad
June 08, 2003Saudi Arabia and Yemen sign agreement on border authorities
June 08, 2003Human rights conference planned for September in Riyadh
June 07, 2003Identities of Riyadh bombing perpetrators released
June 06, 2003Eighteen terrorist suspects extradited from Sudan
June 06, 2003Western railroad to link Makkah and Madinah within two years
June 04, 2003Women to take up business issues with Shura Council
June 03, 2003Oil minister gives assurances of stability of market
June 03, 2003Nail Al-Jubeir with Scott, on terrorism
June 03, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah meets with U.S. President
June 03, 2003Arab-U.S. Summit in Sharm El-Shaikh attests to desire for peace
June 02, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah addresses G-8 Summit
June 02, 2003FBI chief praises Kingdom's support in war on terrorism
June 02, 2003Cabinet meeting
June 02, 2003Businesswomen receive training at EPCCI Center
June 01, 2003KACST to process authentication of digital signatures
June 01, 2003Interior Ministry announces arrests of terrorist suspects
June 01, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah at G8 Summit in Evian
May 30, 2003National forum sees bright future for tourism
May 28, 2003SAA to operate more flights to London Heathrow
May 27, 2003Second relief plane to aid of earthquake victims in Algeria
May 26, 2003Justice minister affirms Kingdom's stance against corruption
May 26, 2003Cabinet meeting
May 25, 2003Saudi relief aid to Iraq helps students in Baghdad
May 25, 2003King Fahd receives Japanese Prime Minister
May 22, 2003Nail Al-Jubeir with Hemmer, on terrorism
May 21, 2003No substance to report that arms came from National Guard
May 21, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah receives call from U.S. President
May 21, 2003GCC holds fifth consultative summit in Riyadh
May 19, 2003Another Saudi relief convoy arrives in Baghdad
May 19, 2003King Fahd undergoes eye surgery in Riyadh
May 19, 2003Cabinet meeting
May 19, 2003Saudi Arabia arrests suspects in Riyadh bombings
May 18, 2003Adel Al-Jubeir on Fox News on Sunday
May 17, 2003Statistics for Riyadh city show youth of population
May 17, 2003King Fahd's annual address to the Shura Council
May 16, 2003Adel Al-Jubeir at Washington DC Embassy press conference
May 16, 2003King Fahd to address new Shura Council session
May 15, 2003Prince Bandar on 'Good Morning America'
May 14, 2003Nail Al-Jubeir with Hemmer, on Riyadh bombings
May 14, 2003Prince Saud interviewed by Katie Couric
May 14, 2003Saudi senior religious scholars condemn Riyadh bombings
May 14, 2003Prince Saud's weekly briefing focuses on terrorism
May 14, 2003Prince Bandar on 'Hardball'
May 13, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah addresses nation after Riyadh bombings
May 13, 2003Prince Bandar's statement after Riyadh bombings
May 13, 2003U.S. Secretary of State arrives in Riyadh for talks
May 13, 2003Nail Al-Jubeir with Cooper, on Riyadh bombings
May 12, 2003King Khaled Hospital pioneering robot surgery in Kingdom
May 12, 2003Kingdom's humanitarian aid to Iraqi people continues
May 12, 2003Cabinet meeting
May 12, 2003Kingdom's accession to WTO getting closer
May 11, 2003Budget approved for international energy forum secretariat
May 10, 2003Tourism emerging as a major sector in Saudi Arabia
May 08, 2003Saudi Arabia calls for more cooperation to fight terrorism
May 08, 2003Prince Saud in Russia for talks
May 07, 2003Saudi relief aid being distributed in Karbala Province
May 07, 2003Saudi Arabia foils terrorist plot
May 07, 2003GCC interior ministers conclude meeting in Doha
May 07, 2003Saudi security find evidence of planned acts of terrorism
May 06, 2003Human rights committee will be set up, says Prince Saud
May 05, 2003Foreign Affairs ministry reports on status of Al-Haramain Foundation
May 05, 2003Cabinet meeting
May 04, 2003Shura Council begins third year of current term
May 01, 2003American shot and wounded by attacker in Jubail
May 01, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah receives call from U.S. President
April 30, 2003Crown Prince, oil minister receive U.S. energy secretary
April 30, 2003King Fahd announces new formulation of cabinet
April 30, 2003Kingdom's hospitals ready to receive Iraqi patients
April 29, 2003Crown Prince receives U.S. Defense Secretary
April 28, 2003Shura Council adds human rights to Islamic Affairs Committee
April 28, 2003SAA modifies fleet to U.S. security standards
April 28, 2003 Entry ban imposed on all who visited SARS-stricken countries
April 28, 2003Cabinet meeting
April 28, 2003Saudi citizens as well as leaders give generously for Iraqis
April 27, 2003Desalination cheaper than importing fresh water
April 27, 2003Saudi Arabia and Pakistan finance joint ventures
April 24, 2003Bank account ready to receive donations for Iraqi aid
April 23, 2003Saudi TV fundraiser planned, as aid distributed in Iraq
April 22, 2003Saudization increasing in private as well as public sectors
April 21, 2003Saudi relief aid for Iraq arrives in Basra
April 21, 2003Saudi aid, including field hospital, on its way to Baghdad
April 21, 2003Saudi leadership receives Egyptian President
April 21, 2003Cabinet meeting
April 20, 2003SABIC reports high profits for 2003 first quarter
April 20, 2003Saudi Telecom announces doubling of net profits
April 20, 2003Prince Nayef urges private sector support for Saudization
April 20, 2003Information minister announces new Saudi news channel
April 19, 2003Iraq's neighbors issue statement after meeting in Riyadh
April 17, 2003Saudi Red Crescent prepares to deliver aid to Iraq
April 16, 2003Information minister addresses copyright seminar in Riyadh
April 15, 2003Success of health care education program for childbirth
April 15, 2003Saudi companies win reconstruction contracts in Iraq
April 15, 2003Saudi leadership receives Sudanese President
April 15, 2003Crown Prince receives message from U.K. Prime Minister
April 14, 2003Crown Prince receives telephone call from U.S. President
April 14, 2003Kingdom extends food aid to Palestine and Afghanistan
April 14, 2003Cabinet meeting
April 14, 2003Crown Prince receives U.S. Defense Secretary
April 13, 2003King Fahd approves higher education resolutions
April 13, 2003SAMA Governor gives assurances of stable oil supply
April 13, 2003Death of Prince Majid bin Abdulaziz
April 13, 2003Feasibility study for Ma'aden's aluminum plant
April 10, 2003SAFCO posts high profits for first quarter of 2003
April 09, 2003Businesswomen's symposium to be held in Eastern Province
April 09, 2003Prince Sultan opens Kingdom's 26th airport
April 08, 2003Saudi leaders receive former Afghan King
April 08, 2003GCC foreign ministers reiterate solidarity with Kuwait
April 07, 2003GCC foreign ministers meet today to discuss Iraq war
April 07, 2003GCC to hold information technology exhibition in Riyadh
April 07, 2003Shura Council joins Inter-Parliamentary Union
April 07, 2003Cabinet meeting
April 06, 2003IIRO distributes food aid in Mauritania
April 04, 2003MWL holds seminar on globalization and the media
April 02, 2003Kingdom sends ambulances and medicine to Palestine
April 01, 2003Kingdom at extraordinary OIC meeting in Kuala Lumpu
April 01, 2003Minister urges conservation of water and training of youth
March 31, 2003Adnan El Shukrijumah is not a Saudi citizen
March 31, 2003 Kingdom highlights Palestine at Human Rights Commission
March 31, 2003Cabinet meeting
March 29, 2003KFUPM takes out patent on additive process
March 28, 2003Peninsula Shield forces there to defend Kuwait
March 27, 2003Ulema urge citizens to unite behind Kingdom's leaders
March 27, 2003MWL urges Muslim solidarity and an end to war against Iraq
March 26, 2003ISA students excel in local science competition
March 26, 2003Saudi Arabia to provide humanitarian assistance to Iraqi people
March 26, 2003Kingdom's ideas on Iraq general, not 'initiative', says Prince Saud
March 25, 2003Expansion of King Abdulaziz Airport to start soon
March 25, 2003Prince Saud leaves Cairo after meeting with Egyptian President
March 25, 2003Prince Saud's briefing covers many aspects of Iraqi crisis
March 24, 2003Cabinet meeting
March 24, 2003New regulations restrict import of genetically-modified products
March 24, 2003Deputy Governor of Eastern Province promoted to minister
March 24, 2003Prince Saud at Arab foreign ministers meeting in Cairo
March 23, 2003Shura Council expresses regret for situation in Iraq
March 23, 2003National Energy Company established
March 20, 2003Kingdom reiterates assurances of stable oil supplies
March 20, 2003Kingdom addresses UN Human Rights Commission in Geneva
March 20, 2003Prince Saud expresses Kingdom's concern at war on Iraq
March 19, 2003Kingdom denies report of approach to Saddam to urge exile
March 19, 2003Saudi Arabia opens opportunities for women in manufacturing sector
March 19, 2003Prince Sultan receives U.S. commander
March 18, 2003Saudi-Japanese auto institute to be officially opened in Jeddah
March 18, 2003New SR500 banknote to be put in circulation
March 18, 2003Prince Nayef promotes Saudization at businessmen's conference
March 18, 2003Crown Prince addresses nation on Iraq crisis
March 17, 2003Saudi Arabia Strives To Keep Oil Market & Prices Stable
March 17, 2003Cabinet meeting
March 15, 2003SAA expands international and domestic destinations
March 15, 2003Kingdom welcomes U.S./U.K. ideas for Middle East 'road map'
March 13, 2003Islamic Saudi Academy to pursue plans for new school
March 12, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah inspects Red Sea shrimp farm
March 11, 2003Crown Prince opens second phase of Al-Shuaiba desalination project
March 11, 2003Conference in Riyadh on medical ethics in Islam
March 11, 2003Prince Nayef orders renovation of homes in Palestine
March 10, 2003Islamic information ministers meet in Cairo
March 10, 2003Saudi Arabia cements economic relations with Iran
March 10, 2003Cabinet meeting
March 09, 2003Saudi aid sent to famine victims in Eritrea
March 09, 2003Haradh gas projects nearing completion
March 08, 2003Inauguration of Riyadh conference on water
March 05, 2003Extraordinary OIC Summit in Doha against war on Iraq
March 04, 2003Oil minister elaborates on new energy company
March 04, 2003Ministry releases numbers of Saudi students abroad
March 04, 2003Prince Nayef comments on Kingdom's readiness for refugees
March 03, 2003GCC and EU issue joint statement on Iraqi crisis
March 03, 2003Health minister praises Kingdom's medical services
March 03, 2003GCC foreign ministers hold 86th ministerial session
March 03, 2003Procedures for business and work visas eased
March 03, 2003Cabinet meeting
March 02, 2003Arab Summit at Sharm Al-Shaikh focuses on Iraqi crisis
March 01, 2003Prince Saud urges peaceful Iraqi solution in CNN interview
February 27, 2003Saudi Arabia launches counter-terrorism training program
February 26, 2003Saudi Arabia arrests seven terrorist suspects
February 25, 2003Kingdom attends 30th Summit of Non-Aligned Movement
February 20, 2003Saudi Arabia reiterates concern to avert war
February 19, 2003Crown Prince receives written message from U.S. President
February 17, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah receives call from U.S. President
February 17, 2003Arab foreign ministers discuss Iraqi situation at Cairo meeting
February 15, 2003This year's hajj one of the smoothest ever
February 14, 2003Saudi representative at The Hague on desire for peace and security
February 14, 2003Information minister hosts Hajj 1423 foreign correspondents
February 13, 2003King Fahd's reception in Mina for Muslim dignitaries
February 11, 2003What America's leaders say about Saudi Arabia
February 11, 2003Tragic deaths reported in crowding at Mina
February 11, 2003Tragic deaths reported in crowding at Mina (Hajj 1423)
February 11, 2003Saudi religious leaders ban attacks on non-Muslims
February 10, 2003Sacrificial meat projects under way (Hajj 1423)
February 10, 2003Saudi leadership's 1423 Eid Al-Adha address
February 10, 2003Sacrificial meat projects under way
February 09, 2003This year's pilgrimage progressing smoothly
February 06, 2003King Fahd arrives in Jeddah on way to Makkah for 1423 Hajj
February 06, 2003Prince Nayef at press conference after inspection of Holy sites
February 06, 2003First Saudi-built ship launched at Dammam Port
February 04, 2003Hajj seminar for 1423 opens in Makkah
February 03, 2003Kiswah handed over, fireproof tents in place for 1423 Hajj
February 03, 2003King Fahd approves project for expansion of universities
February 03, 2003Cabinet meeting
February 02, 2003Interior minister sets limits to expatriate population
February 02, 2003Economic Council reviews sectors available for investment
February 02, 2003Crown Prince reiterates concern about campaign against Islam
February 02, 2003Tuesday, February 11, determined as Eid Al-Adha 1423
February 02, 2003Crown Prince condoles U.S. President on loss of 'Columbia'
February 01, 2003Commerce minister meets with U.S. business delegation
February 01, 2003Prince Sultan Charitable Foundation wins King Faisal Prize
January 29, 2003Hajj season 1423 draws closer; preparations continue
January 28, 2003IDB writes off part of Mauritania's debt
January 28, 2003Shura Council endorses control mechanisms for the economy
January 28, 2003Prince Saud Al-Faisal holds talks with French leadership
January 27, 2003New energy company set up in Saudi Arabia
January 27, 2003King Fahd receives 38th annual SAMA report
January 27, 2003King Fahd receives ALESCO award
January 27, 2003Kingdom delivers dates to World Food Program in Afghanistan
January 27, 2003Hajj medical services operational from next Sunday (Hajj 1423)
January 27, 2003Cabinet meeting
January 26, 2003Makkah Governor inspects preparations for Hajj 1423
January 26, 2003Lebanese Prime Minister at Saudi-Lebanese Forum
January 26, 2003SABIC reports sixty percent rise in profits for 2002
January 24, 2003Region's foreign ministers issue statement on Iraq
January 23, 2003Saudi Arabia participates in Islamic bioethic committee
January 22, 2003SAA launches online booking service for domestic flights
January 22, 2003Prince Saud's weekly press conference focuses on Iraq
January 21, 2003Prince Saud Al-Faisal in Cairo for talks on Iraq
January 21, 2003Crown Prince receives head of Russian chambers of commerce
January 21, 2003Saudi missions issue 1.3 million visas for 1423 Hajj
January 21, 2003Foundation for gifted students to set up commercial project
January 21, 2003STC reports successful progress
January 20, 2003Fourth Jeddah International Economic Forum
January 20, 2003King Fahd to host Afghani pilgrims; Kaabah washed for 1423 Hajj
January 20, 2003Cabinet meeting
January 18, 2003King Fahd receives Ukrainian President
January 16, 2003Arab and information ministers hold joint meeting
January 15, 2003Prince Nayef at Arab ministers meeting in Tunis
January 14, 2003Egyptian President visits Kingdom to discuss regional developments
January 14, 2003King Fahd hosts more pilgrims; boy scouts get ready for 1423 Hajj
January 14, 2003GCC finance ministers announce topic for prize
January 13, 2003Saudi Crown Prince calls for moderation and tolerance
January 13, 2003SAA ready to transport more pilgrims from Iran and Pakistan (Hajj 1423)
January 13, 2003Cabinet meeting
January 12, 2003King Fahd receives visiting Turkish Prime Minister
January 12, 2003Princess Noaf opens women's events at Jenadriyah Festival
January 12, 2003Crown Prince expresses belief in peace to Jenadriyah guests
January 11, 2003GCC plans unified visa for tourism
January 09, 2003Saudi Telecom Company IPO Declared A ‘Huge Success’
January 09, 2003Prince Met'eb at Jenadriyah quotes Crown Prince on Islam's tolerance
January 08, 2003Prince Saud's press conference focuses on Iraqi situation
January 08, 2003Crown Prince Abdullah opens 18th Jenadriyah Festival
January 07, 2003Minister of Education vows to improve education system
January 06, 2003Hajj research institute concludes its third forum
January 06, 2003Cabinet meeting
January 06, 2003Tumor removal at KFSH to be televised to other hospitals
January 06, 2003IIRO continues relief assistance to Macedonian refugees
January 04, 2003Kingdom reminds pilgrims of health requirements for 1423 Hajj
January 03, 2003Saudi aid to third world still at four percent of GNP
January 02, 2003Businesswomen to participate in Jeddah Economic Forum
January 01, 2003Saudi leadership receives visiting Pakistani Prime Minister
January 01, 2003Saudi forces kill two terrorists and seize explosives
January 01, 2003OIC reiterates support for Arab rights in Jerusalem