2002 Public Statement

Saudi Arabia does not encourage suicide bombers: letter to New York Times
a letter to the editor of the New York Times by Nail Al-Jubeir, Deputy Director of Information at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington DC

I have to take exception to Mr. William Safire's editorial (April 11, “On Being an Ally”) in which he falsely claims that Saudi Arabia is encouraging suicide attacks in Israel by rewarding them.  This is simply wrong and Mr. Safire would have known that, had he bothered to check his facts.  Such claims are baseless and false, and are an attempt to deflect from Israel’s military occupation and its rejection of the latest Arab peace initiative calling for a just and comprehensive peace.  Furthermore, they imply that such attacks are motivated by money, and not the result of the 35-year-old inhumane military occupation, in an attempt by apologists for the Sharon government to dehumanize the victims and thus justify the killings of innocent Palestinians.

If Mr. Safire had checked his facts, he would have noticed that Saudi Arabia has on many occasions condemned all forms of terrorism targeting innocent civilians, both Palestinians and Israelis, and has specifically condemned suicide bombings.  If Mr. Safire had bothered to check his facts, he would have known that the Kingdom has long been committed to providing humanitarian assistance to Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation.

Saudi Arabia and many other countries, including the United States, have increased relief efforts and humanitarian aid to the Palestinians who are in desperate need as a consequence of the Israeli aggression against them.