2002 Public Statement

Saudi Arabia doesn't reward terrorism
a letter to the editor of the Washington Times by Crown Prince Abdullah's foreign policy adviser Adel Al-Jubeir

The May 8 story "Adviser: Bombers' families get money" is not an accurate reflection of the news conference held at the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia on May 7. You report that there was an admission made to the effect that Saudi Arabia "provides money to families of Palestinian suicide bombers ." These words are distorted and do not resemble what was said or what is true and accurate.

The claim that Saudi Arabia supports the violence of suicide bombers or their families is totally false. I stated unequivocally that Saudi Arabia does not provide financial support to suicide bombers or their families. I explained that the aid and assistance offered to the Palestinians by the people of Saudi Arabia is money to restock hospitals that have no medicines, rebuild schools, restore electricity and telephone lines, and put food on the tables of families that don't have it. We are proud of that support and join with other nations, including the United States, which are providing relief efforts through the same humanitarian channels as Saudi Arabia.

Your claim that such actions are tantamount to supporting suicide bombers is a great stretch of the truth. By this definition, American humanitarian aid to the people of Palestine would also be considered providing money to suicide bombers. Is this what you are trying to say?

The taking of innocent life is a violation of the principles of Islam. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia condemns all forms of terrorism regardless of where they occur and the reasons behind them.

Saudi Arabia does not support or contribute to terrorism. We never have, and we never will.