2002 Press Release

Saudi Embassy reacts to Ajyad Fort matter

As a result of the inaccuracies and misinformation surrounding the Ajyad Fort in Makkah, the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia would like to clarify this matter.

It is the policy of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, as custodian of the of the two holy mosques, to ensure that pilgrims and visitors to the Grand Mosque, the holiest site in Islam, can perform their religious obligations in the safest and most comfortable manner possible. As a result, the infrastructure of the Grand Mosque and the areas surrounding it, are continuously developed and upgraded.

The Saudi Government’s plans for the Ajyad Fort, which is not listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage site, have called for its rebuilding by experts in the same traditional way it was first built and at the same location, albeit not on Bulbul Hill. This action conforms with international conventions and agreements that allow the relocation of antiquities to other sites for the greater good.

The Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia hopes that the above will clarify this matter.