2002 Press Release

Saudi Arabia’s position on charitable organizations

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is firmly committed to its Islamic and humanitarian obligations towards those less fortunate and in need. In this regard, it pursues policies which accord with the true meaning of Islam, which rejects exaggeration and extremism, and which make it incumbent upon all to combat terrorism and eliminate its sources of funding in every way possible. The Kingdom has taken steps in this regard which conform to United Nations Security Council Resolutions 1267 and 1333 on international cooperation in this area.

As a result of reports that individuals associated with some foreign branches or offices affiliated with the International Islamic Relief Organization, the Al-Haramain Foundation, and the al-Birr Committee of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth have relationships with organizations designated in accordance with the United Nations resolutions referred to above, the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia would like to clarify the following:

  1. The objective of charitable organizations is a humanitarian one, and its goal is to provide humanitarian and relief aid to those in need throughout the world. 

  2. Charitable organizations must perform their functions in accordance with management and accounting guidelines whose objective is to prevent the distribution of funds collected in ways that violate the purposes for which the organizations were established.

  3. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, cognizant of Islamic and humanitarian duties to continue charitable and humanitarian efforts, is fully committed to preventing these noble efforts from being used for any other purpose. In line with its firm policy in this regard, the Kingdom wishes to confirm that it will take every measure possible to prevent the use of these charitable efforts for any unlawful activities, in accordance with international resolutions in this regard.