2002 Press Release

Saudi Foreign Minister emphasizes strength of U.S.-Saudi relations

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia --  HRH Prince Saud Al-Faisal, Minister of Foreign Affairs, today emphasized the strength of U.S.-Saudi relations, and reiterated that the two countries have been friends and allies for over 60 years.  Prince Saud described the bilateral relationship as "excellent in all fields".

Prince Saud described as "pure fiction" the contents of a briefing given by Laurent Murawiec of the Rand Corporation to the U.S. Defense Policy Board on July 10, 2002, in which he described the Kingdom as an enemy of the United States.

Prince Saud indicated that he had received a telephone call from Secretary Colin Powell in which the Secretary assured him that the views presented by Laurent Murawiec at the Defense Advisory Board meeting in no way represent the views of the President or his Administration.

Secretary Powell reiterated the U.S. Government’s long-standing position regarding the close and historic ties between the two countries, and emphasized that there is no change in the strong relationship between them.

Prince Saud expressed his appreciation to the Secretary for his telephone call, and stated: "It is unfortunate that there are people in some quarters who are trying to cast doubt and undermine the solid and historic ties between our two countries.  I am confident that they will not succeed."