2002 News Story

Cabinet meeting

Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz today chaired the regular weekly session of the Council of Ministers, which was briefed on the latest regional and international developments, particularly the current situation in the occupied Palestinian territories. The Crown Prince called on the international community to bring to an end the aggressive actions whose continued escalation against the Palestinian people exacerbates the situation, and to expedite implementation, without any procrastination or delay, of the treaties and agreements that ensure peaceful and secure coexistence for all the countries of the region as well as the relevant United Nations resolutions concerning the achievement of peace. Reaffirming the Arabs' desire to consolidate efforts towards enhancing global stability, he stressed that that includes achieving a comprehensive and just peace in the Middle East and establishing the Palestinian state with Al-Quds [East Jerusalem] as its capital.

The Crown Prince then expressed the Kingdom's satisfaction at the outcome of the 23rd Summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) recently concluded in Doha, Qatar, and commended the GCC leaders for their efforts. He praised the Summit's constructive and positive resolutions, and its support for the cooperation that exists among member states, by pushing it forward in the interests of the people of the region and of all Arab and Muslim countries; and reiterated the Kingdom's great interest in backing the GCC in its development of the region.
Turning to domestic issues, the cabinet passed a number of resolutions, including approval of an agreement on diplomatic and consulate cooperation with the Kingdom of Bahrain; authorization for the Minister of Education or his deputy to discuss a draft executive program for cooperation in education with the Republic of the Sudan; authorization for the Minister of Finance and National Economy or his deputy to sign a draft agreement on mutual encouragement and protection of investments with the Republic of India; and approval of regulations regarding the transfer of stores from the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs to the Ministry of Commerce for lease to chambers of commerce and industry in the major cities.