2002 News Story

Islamic Affairs minister in Kuwait for talks

Minister of Islamic Affairs, Endowments, Call and Guidance Shaikh Saleh Al-AsShaikh, in a press statement on leaving Kuwait City today, described his visit to Kuwait as fruitful, saying his talks with Kuwaiti officials covered a wide range of topics and resulted in signing a memorandum of understanding between the two ministries of Islamic affairs for mutual benefit in such areas as organizing mosques, developing the skills of imams, and propagating Islam in face of the great changes in society in the Gulf states. Commenting on foreign media attacks on Islam, Muslims and the Kingdom, he stressed that Saudi Arabia holds firmly to Islamic Shariah [Law], and what is said in the west has no basis.

Briefing Kuwaiti Minister of Justice, Endowments, and Islamic Affairs Ahmed Yaqub Bakir Al-Abdullah yesterday on his Ministry's achievements, Minister Al-As-Shaikh cited the publication over the past seven years of 580 Islamic books, in addition to the issue of millions of booklets and cassettes on Islam in various languages. Commenting on the issue of human rights in today's world, he said rights that are not approved by Islamic Shariah are not viewed as genuine rights.
Meanwhile, it was announced yesterday that the Ministry is launching a comprehensive campaign for Islamic Awakening, during which over six million Islamic books and cassettes will be distributed throughout the Kingdom.