2002 News Story

New web site for Prince Nayef's Islamic Prize

It was announced today that Interior Minister Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, who heads the committee for the international prize bearing his name, will inaugurate in Madinah on Ramadan 15 (November 20) a new web site dedicated to the prize, which is offered for contemporary Islamic studies. The site will give links to scientific institutions and research centers.

Meanwhile, at a ceremony in Riyadh yesterday honoring talented students at the Al-Riyadh Schools, Prince Nayef spoke out on a number of issues. Pointing out that drug addicts are patients and should be treated as such, he urged the public to assist the anti-narcotics teams. He confirmed that expansion of sports facilities for young people is one of the areas where the government is encouraging private investment, as is the establishment of private universities. One strategic goal, he said, is to provide jobs for Saudis, and called on companies as well as universities to take on the responsibility of training young Saudis, referring to the Human Resources Development Fund set up for this purpose.