2002 News Story

Crown Prince honors conjoined twins' medical team

Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz received yesterday evening the National Guard's Executive Director for Health Dr. Fahd Abdul-Jabbar and the medical team that carried out the successful surgery on September 18, 2002 to separate conjoined twins from Malaysia. Dr. Abdul-Jabbar received the King Abdulaziz Medal, distinguished class; and Dr. Abdullah Al-Rabee'a, who headed the medical and surgical team, was awarded the King Abdulaziz Medal, first class. Second class medals were awarded to Dr. Saud Al-Jidan, head of the pediatric surgery unit at the National Guard Hospital; Dr. Wa'il Al-Ohali, pediatric consultant; Dr. Manaf Al-Azawi, head of plastic surgery; Major Abdullah Al-Thuniyan, plastic surgery consultant; Dr. Saad Al-Muhraj and Dr. Ayman Al-Jawadi, osteology consultants; and Dr. Ahmed Al-Shamamri, urologist. Crown Prince Abdullah also presented merit prizes to the other members of the 41-man team, and gifts to the four-and-a half-year-old twins Muhammad and Ahmed.

Speaking on the occasion, Crown Prince Abdullah expressed delight at this great medical achievement, which, he said, has enhanced the status of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of medical science. The twins were joined at the chest, abdomen and pelvis. Both had normal head and upper extremities, but each had only one lower limb, sharing a third abnormal limb.