2002 News Story

New WAMY Secretary-General appointed

Dr. Salih bin Solaiman Al-Wihaibi was appointed yesterday as the new Secretary-General of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth, succeeding the late Dr. Manea Al-Jihani. Dr. Al-Wihaibi has been serving as WAMY's Assistant Secretary-General for Executive Affairs, and is a member of WAMY's Board of Trustees. A professor at King Saud University in Riyadh holding a Ph.D. from the U.S. University of Indiana, he is an expert in the areas of charity and of dawa (propagation of Islam).

Meanwhile, WAMY's Jeddah office commented today that the organization's distribution of publications comes in line with its efforts to spread useful knowledge and to help young people all over the world understand and memorize the Holy Qur'an. The Jeddah office alone finances 206 Qur'an memorization circles in eight countries, and has distributed over 150,000 educational and Islamic books worldwide.