2002 News Story

Aramco chief comments on energy and social development

Saudi Aramco's Chief Executive Abdullah Jumaa, in his address to the session on 'Social Responsibility in the Energy Industry Sector' at the 17th International Conference on Oil in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, commented that the provision of energy requires reliability, appropriate pricing, and good environmental performance. Pointing out that all these elements are linked together, he noted that since petroleum alone enjoys a combination of these fundamentals, it will remain the dominant source of energy for the foreseeable future. He called for cooperation among oil circles, scientific research institutions, and universities to improve the environmental performance of hydrocarbons, and made an appeal for greater contact between oil producers and oil consumers in order to create a common vision to achieve the interests of both parties, citing the Kingdom's call for the establishment in Riyadh of a Secretariat-General for the International Energy Forum. Turning to other aspects of social responsibility, he referred to the provision of safe, healthy and appropriate working environments for the workforce, citing Aramco's efforts in this regard, and in particular its training programs as well as its charitable works.