2002 News Story

Saudi-Moroccan joint committee concludes session in Riyadh

The Saudi-Moroccan joint committee for bilateral cooperation issued a statement in Riyadh today at the end of its current session co-chaired by Minister of Foreign Affairs Prince Saud Al-Faisal and his Moroccan counterpart Mohammad bin Isa. The statement said that the two sides had agreed to adhere to the executive program of the Arab trade zone, and to hold intensive meetings for businessmen of both countries in January 2003 in order to explore investment opportunities and discuss mechanisms for resolving problems.

The statement praised the ongoing efforts of the Saudi Development Fund (SDF); stressed the importance of cooperation in scientific matters, particularly those concerning water and energy; urged their respective tourism commissions to reach an agreement next year on cooperation in this area; and called for activation of mechanisms for joint media cooperation, welcoming in this respect the visit to Saudi Arabia of a Moroccan TV crew to study the possibility of producing joint TV programs. Agreement was also reached on cooperation in structural planning, environmental protection, civil defense and the mutual recognition of driving licenses.
Reiterating strong support for the Palestinian people and their legitimate leadership, the statement declared the Arab Peace Initiative to be the basis for a peace treaty and expressed concern over the U.S. Congress measure naming Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a move that violates UN Security Council resolutions. As for Iraq, the two sides emphasized that Iraq's unconditional approval for the return of the international inspectors paves the way for avoiding confrontation and war.