2002 News Story

Prince Nayef arrives in Oman for GCC interior ministers meeting

Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz arrived in Muscat, Oman today to participate in the 21st meeting of the interior ministers of Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) scheduled for tomorrow.

On arrival, Prince Nayef commented on U.S. threats to strike Iraq, saying: "No Arab country, and that includes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, would be happy if any of our Arab countries were harmed. And Iraq is, after all, an Arab country ……  We hope it will not happen, and that all parties will resort to reason and logic, realizing the consequences and saving Iraq from any breach of its security or aggression against it." He went on to state that there should be international consensus on preventing an invasion of Iraq, since it is possible to reach the desired results "without dealing militarily with this situation".