December 30, 2002Islamic Affairs minister in Kuwait for talks
December 30, 2002Cabinet meeting
December 30, 2002ALESCO concludes 16th session in Tunis
December 30, 2002Health minister opens symposium on health awareness
December 29, 2002Prince Saud Al-Faisal in Sudan to sign agreement
December 29, 2002IIRO continues to give assistance to African states
December 28, 2002Saudi foreign reserves reflect sound economy
December 28, 2002King Fahd to host 1,000 Palestinian pilgrim for 1423 Hajj
December 28, 2002Head of SAGIA opens business seminar in Riyadh
December 26, 2002Health ministry prepares for 1423 Hajj season
December 25, 2002Saudi leadership receive visiting U.S. Senator Lieberman
December 25, 2002Prince Saud advocates Arab decision on future of Iraq
December 25, 2002Al-Haramain Charity holds training course in Denmark
December 24, 2002Shura Council approves most of proposed stock market system
December 24, 2002Prince Salman attends seminar on water
December 23, 2002Prince Sultan praises achievements of SAA
December 23, 2002Saudi medical teams in Yemen to conduct surgeries
December 23, 2002Society for gifted students flourishing
December 23, 2002Women's branch of MWL meets in Jeddah
December 23, 2002Saudi nominated to head meteorology organization
December 23, 2002Cabinet meeting
December 22, 2002Saudi Red Crescent gives relief aid to Chechen refugees
December 22, 2002GCC's 23rd Summit concludes in Doha
December 21, 2002Oil minister attends OAPEC meeting in Cairo
December 20, 2002Jenadriyah Festival to begin January 8
December 20, 2002Prince Saud in Doha for GCC foreign ministers meeting
December 19, 2002OIC information ministers urge solidarity of Muslim world
December 18, 2002Housing minister reaffirms Saudi commitment to Palestine
December 18, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah receives call from U.S. President
December 18, 2002Saudi Telecom to provide 7 million mobile phone lines
December 17, 2002Saudi Telecom shares go on sale today
December 17, 2002Saudi-Tunisian joint commission holds session in Riyadh
December 16, 2002Shura endorses GCC unified customs system
December 16, 2002Labor minister defends Kingdom's charitable works
December 15, 2002Prince Sultan in Dhahran for engineering conference
December 14, 2002President Bush confirms excellent Saudi-U.S. relations
December 13, 2002Prince Talal appointed special envoy of UNESCO
December 12, 2002Kingdom attends conference of Arab intellectuals
December 11, 2002Saudi delegation at children's conference in Jordan
December 11, 2002Oil minister gives assurances of continued supply
December 08, 2002Kingdom addresses UN on reconstruction of Afghanistan
December 08, 2002Kingdom and Syria ready to embark on free trade
December 07, 2002Kingdom sends relief aid to flooding victims in Morocco
December 06, 2002U.S. President pays Eid Al-Fitr visit to Islamic Center in DC
December 04, 2002Saudi leadership give Eid Al-Fitr speech
December 03, 2002Two million pilgrims perform taraweeh in Makkah
November 27, 2002King Fahd announces 1423-1424 [FY2003] State Budget
November 27, 2002Winners of 1423 King Faisal Prize announced
November 25, 2002Prince Saud Al-Faisal on brief visit to Cairo
November 25, 2002Prince Nayef announced topics for Islamic Prize
November 24, 2002IIRO complete worldwide Ramadan food aid program for 1423
November 24, 2002Princess Haifa refutes charge of terrorist financing
November 23, 2002Crown Prince honors conjoined twins' medical team
November 21, 2002Prince Saud attends Arab meeting in Damascus
November 21, 2002Crown Prince shows concern for old quarter of Riyadh
November 21, 2002Prince Nayef chairs annual governors meeting
November 20, 2002Prince Nayef at Shura session on pilgrim transportation
November 19, 2002Cabinet meeting
November 19, 2002Kingdom sends relief to famine victims in Ethiopia
November 18, 2002Syrian President on brief visit to Kingdom
November 18, 2002Saudi Telecom's December floating of shares
November 17, 2002Tourism board approves sites for investment
November 17, 2002Shura Council discusses investment in oil and minerals
November 15, 2002Finance minister attests to soundness of Saudi economy
November 15, 2002New web site for Prince Nayef's Islamic Prize
November 13, 2002Prince Nayef receives Palestinian wounded
November 12, 2002Cabinet meeting
November 12, 2002Saudi Arabia reveals details of privatization program
November 02, 2002Prince Salman defends operations of Saudi charities
November 02, 2002Architecture seminar opens in Riyadh
November 02, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah urges Muslim youth to shun extremism
November 01, 2002Minister declares National Water Plan top priority
October 31, 2002Saudi Arabia assures UN of its adherence to human rights
October 30, 2002Aramco CEO pledges continuous oil supply from Kingdom
October 30, 2002Saudi Telecom to launch IPO by end of year
October 30, 2002New governor of Al-Jouf Province announced
October 29, 2002King Fahd receives Pakistani President in Riyadh
October 28, 2002Arab thought foundation conference in Cairo
October 28, 2002Cabinet meeting
October 27, 2002Prince Sultan expresses hope for peaceful resolution of Iraqi issue
October 26, 2002Saudi-Syrian talks discuss Middle East and Iraq
October 26, 2002GCC oil ministers meet in Oman
October 24, 2002SPA interviews Afghan foreign minister in Washington DC
October 23, 2002Prince Khalid comments on new Arab think tank
October 22, 2002Announcement of details of prize for water
October 22, 2002Prince Sultan named 2002 Humanitarian of the Year
October 22, 2002GCC Interior Ministers recommend unified ID documents
October 21, 2002Kingdom and Malaysia strengthen economic ties
October 21, 2002Cabinet meeting
October 21, 2002King Fahd receives message from U.S. President
October 17, 2002Response to CFR report on terrorist financing
October 17, 2002Crown Prince opens Aramco's Al-Hawiyya gas plant
October 16, 2002Kingdom confirms position on terrorism at UN session
October 15, 2002King of Bahrain visits Eastern Province
October 15, 2002Finance minister addresses Saudi-Russian joint commission
October 15, 2002Saudi aircraft hijacking ends without incident
October 15, 2002Saudi leadership sends condolences to Indonesian President
October 15, 2002Finance minister addresses Saudi-Russian Joint Commission
October 15, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah in Eastern Province
October 14, 2002Prince Saud Al-Faisal in Algeria to sign cooperation agreement
October 14, 2002Cabinet meeting
October 11, 2002Prince Sultan tours MBC-TV on visit to Dubai
October 10, 2002KACST plans third satellite
October 09, 2002Crown Prince receives message from U.S. President
October 09, 2002Conclusion of Third Islamic Tourism Conference
October 08, 2002Prince Salman opens first conference on accountancy
October 08, 2002Prince Sultan at OIC tourism conference in Riyadh
October 08, 2002GCC interior ministers issue Muscat declaration on terrorism
October 08, 2002Symposium on Saudi economy to be held in Riyadh
October 08, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah at 25th anniversary of SABIC
October 07, 2002Cabinet meeting
October 07, 2002MWL delegation in France refutes link with Al-Qaeda
October 06, 2002Prince Nayef in Oman for GCC interior ministers meeting
October 05, 2002Saudi-Moroccan joint committee concludes session in Riyadh
October 05, 2002King Fahd returns to Riyadh from Spain
October 02, 2002Kingdom expresses concern about U.S. Congress decision on Al-Quds
October 02, 2002Minister speaks of latest health statistics
October 01, 2002Finance minister at Fall 2002 IMF/WB meetings
September 30, 2002Cabinet meeting
September 29, 2002Interior ministry confirms car explosion in Riyadh
September 29, 2002Saudi Arabia to build houses for Palestinians
September 29, 2002GCC Center for Water to be at Jubail
September 28, 2002Crown Prince endorses proposed seminar on oil pollution
September 28, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah receives Afghan President
September 25, 2002Water minister assumes duties after taking oath of office
September 24, 2002Prince Saud receives call from U.S. Secretary of State
September 24, 2002King Fahd, Crown Prince receive cables from U.S. President
September 24, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah receives Ethiopian President
September 24, 2002Saudi Arabia urges UN Security Council to stop Israeli actions
September 23, 2002SABIC wins new contract to supply MTBE to Abu Dhabi
September 23, 2002Cabinet meeting
September 23, 2002New Saudi school opens in Rome
September 23, 2002Oil minister attends energy forum in Osaka
September 22, 2002Prince Nayef in Abha at annual police conference
September 22, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah receives U.S. military official
September 17, 2002King Fahd appoints new Minister of Water
September 16, 2002GCC-EU economic dialogue forum opens in Riyadh
September 11, 2002Finance Minister at Arab meeting on economic cooperation
September 11, 2002Saudi Ambassador extends condolences to America
September 11, 2002Finance minister at Arab meeting on economic cooperation
September 11, 2002Muslim groups reiterate condemnation of terrorism
September 10, 2002Saudi Arabia and U.S. track down assets of Bin Ladin operative
September 10, 2002Crown Prince sends message to America
September 10, 2002Aramco chief comments on energy and social development
September 10, 2002Prince Sultan reiterates Saudi condemnation of terrorism
September 10, 2002Prince Saud received in Paris by French President
September 10, 2002ARAMCO chief comments on energy and social development
September 10, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah sends a message to America
September 09, 2002Cabinet meeting
September 09, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah receives call from U.S. President
September 08, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah receives education officials
September 07, 2002Prince Nayef comments on a number of issues
September 06, 2002Prince Saud in U.K. after Arab meeting in Cairo
September 04, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah receives King of Bahrain
September 04, 2002Kingdom's statement to Earth Summit in Johannesburg
September 03, 2002Saudi Arabia and Libya agree to cooperate in various fields
September 03, 2002GCC foreign ministers conclude meeting
September 03, 2002GCC foreign ministers begin conference in Jeddah
September 02, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah receives Danish foreign minister
September 01, 2002Prince Nayef returns home after surgery in Geneva
August 31, 2002Increased numbers of pilgrims performing umrah
August 28, 2002Commerce minister comments on Johannesburg summit
August 27, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah receives call from President Bush
August 27, 2002King Fahd receives King of Spain
August 26, 2002Cabinet meeting
August 26, 2002Syrian President visits Kingdom
August 25, 2002Foreign minister receives U.S. official in Jeddah
August 23, 2002SDF to finance projects in eight Asian and African countries
August 20, 2002National seminar planned to discuss Saudi economy
August 19, 2002New WAMY Secretary-General appointed
August 19, 2002Cabinet meeting
August 18, 2002Saudi-Yemeni talks held in Jeddah
August 17, 2002New petrochemical complex scheduled to open 2006
August 16, 2002Asir enjoys increased domestic tourism
August 14, 2002King Fahd arrives in Spain to continue his vacation
August 13, 2002Saudi Arabia to attend first Arab technology conference
August 13, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah receives Somali Prime Minister
August 13, 2002King Faisal Center receives award for Islamic research
August 12, 2002Tripartite meeting in Cairo works for Arab solidarity
August 12, 2002Kingdom expands economic and commercial cooperation with Russia
August 12, 2002Cabinet meeting
August 11, 2002New book on King Khaled
August 11, 2002IT company being established to promote umrah
August 10, 2002Ministry of Health reports on AIDS cases in Saudi Arabia
August 10, 2002Domestic tourism flourishing
August 09, 2002Population statistics give breakdown by age
August 08, 2002Prince Sultan receives call from U.S. Defense Secretary
August 08, 2002SAGIA endorses bylaws for foreign investment
August 06, 2002Foreign Minister emphasizes strength of U.S.-Saudi relations
August 06, 2002Saudi-German joint venture to produce magnesium
August 05, 2002Cabinet meeting
August 04, 2002Head of WAMY killed in car accident in Riyadh
August 03, 2002More Saudi aid to Palestenians arrives in Amman
July 31, 2002SAA reports 6.7 million passengers in first half of 2002
July 31, 2002SDF extends loans to People's Republic of China
July 30, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah chairs oil council meeting
July 30, 2002Kingdom's aid goes to Afghanistan, Africa, and the Balkans
July 29, 2002Desert tragedy kills Prince Fahd bin Turki bin Saud Al-Kabeer
July 29, 2002Cabinet meeting
July 29, 2002King Fahd undergoes cataract operation in Geneva
July 28, 2002Crown Prince receives Russian deputy foreign minister
July 28, 2002Crown Prince lays foundation stone of new campus near Taif
July 27, 2002Saudi Aramco's Haradh gas project ahead of schedule
July 25, 2002Kingdom condemns Gaza attack at UN session
July 24, 2002Saudi-Egyptian MOU on promotion of tourism
July 24, 2002Large crowds at funeral prayers for two princes
July 23, 2002Prince Sultan bin Faisal bin Turki killed in car accident
July 22, 2002PTT ministry launches web site
July 22, 2002Death of Prince Ahmad bin Salman announced
July 22, 2002Cabinet meeting
July 21, 2002SABIC reports increased earnings in second quarter of 2002
July 19, 2002Arab foreign ministers at White House meeting on Middle East
July 18, 2002Saudi Arabia to launch third satellite
July 18, 2002Kingdom issues statement on dispute between Morocco and Spain
July 18, 2002Crown Prince Abdullah honored with Oxford Fellowship in his name
July 16, 2002Praise for Saudi commitment to GCC Summit resolutions
July 15, 2002Cabinet meeting
July 12, 2002Details of Prince Sultan water award issued
July 12, 2002Interior ministry issues statement on Qatari consulate incident
July 11, 2002Prince Sultan calls for private investment in education
July 11, 2002First graduates from tourism college
July 10, 2002Saudi aid arrives in Kosovo and in Gaza
July 09, 2002Crown Prince receives call from U.S. President
July 09, 2002National Policy for Science and Technology outlined
July 08, 2002MWL delegation in Washington DC
July 07, 2002Kidney center for women to be set up in Taif