2001 News Story

Crown Prince speaks out on media campaign against Kingdom

Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, at a reception of educators and media personnel in Riyadh today, spoke out concerning the campaign against Saudi Arabia that has appeared in the western media, saying that the Kingdom will continue on its clear Islamic course, adhering to the book of God and the sunnah of His Prophet. He remarked on how well-respected the Kingdom is overseas, a fact he himself felt during his visits to friendly nations in Asia, Europe, America and Africa, where he had assured officials that Saudi Arabia, which hosts the Holy House of God and the Mosque of the Prophet, will not embark on any task that does not serve Islam and Muslims. He stressed that Islam is a religion of love, sincere brotherhood, faithfulness, compassion and peace, and pointed out that the Kingdom has served Arab and Muslim causes all over the world, notably that of the Palestinians.

The Crown Prince went on to discuss the great responsibility that lies on the shoulders of the Kingdom's universities to properly educate young Saudis and show them how to serve their religion, their king and their country. He praised the Saudi students who have graduated from these universities, and recalled that the Kingdom's five-year development plans have stressed that the best investment is to arm the people of this country with faith, science, knowledge and training.