2001 News Story

Interior minister attends GCC meeting in Bahrain

Minister of Interior Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz, prior to his departure to head the Kingdom's delegation to the twentieth meeting of the interior ministers of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), commented that Saudi Arabia is against terrorism, against terrorists, and for eradicating terrorism all over the world through a joint international effort.

In his address to the conference in Manama, Bahrain yesterday, Prince Nayef reiterated the condemnation of the Arab and Islamic worlds of the events that took place in the United States, stressing that these events were in contravention of Islamic values and Arab ethics. He added: "We do not sympathize with anyone who carries out a terrorist act, but at the same time we strongly object to generalizing the rules and judging nations and faiths through individual behavior."
In a press statement after the opening session, Prince Nayef reaffirmed the Kingdom's firm rejection of terrorism, both on account of its religion and in view of the fact that the country has faced terrorism in its different forms. Behind these terrorist acts, he said, are a few misguided people, and in Islam, nobody is to be blamed for another's mistakes. He reiterated support for an international conference on terrorism and urged the United Nations to discuss terrorism and its causes. Considering the actions of the Palestinians as terrorism is, however, rejected by the Kingdom; terrorism, he said, is what Israel is doing, killing the innocent without fear of the United Nations.