2001 News Story

Tragic accident at 1421 Hajj stoning ritual in Mina

Thirty-five pilgrims, 12 men and 23 women, were killed in a tragic accident that injured dozens more during the stone-throwing ritual on the first day of Eid Al-Adha 1421 [Monday, March 5, 2001]. Just after eight o'clock that morning, pilgrims arriving in Mina from Muzdalifah were thronging to the area of Jamarat Al-Aqaba for the first day of the ritual of throwing stones at pillars representing Satan. As a result of intense congestion, a number of them, notably those of advanced years, fell to the ground and were trampled on. Security personnel on the spot were able to alleviate the situation and prevent further casualties.

Today, the Ministry of Health updated the list of names and nationalities of those who died. Five more names have been added to the earlier list of 18:

  1. Haneifi Ahmed, male, Turk.

  2. Fatiyah Hussein, female, Egyptian.

  3. Faiza Ali Mohamed, female, Egyptian.

  4. Sheifi Wedwaa, male, Ethiopian.

  5. Isa Mohamed Serdar, male, Afghani.

The earlier list was:

  1. Atbah Ridhwan, female, Indonesian.

  2. Fatimah Karsley, female, Turk.

  3. Ibrahim Ali Odeh Masmah, male, Palestinian.

  4. Mohammed Shihab Al-Deen Habeeb, male, Sri Lankan.

  5. Pervez Begum Altaf Hussain, female, Pakistani.

  6. Abdula'al Mohammed Salheen, male, Egyptian.

  7. Sibnourbi Sheikh Ghalab, female, Indian.

  8. Abdulazeem Ali Ahmed Al-Imam, male, Egyptian.

  9. Siti Aminah Mohammed, female, Indonesian.

  10. Aleefi Dourour, female, Turk.

  11. Al-Amim Hassan Mohammed Awadh, male, Sudanese.

  12. Sheikh Basheer Ahmed, male, Indian.

  13. Mohammed Qassim Lal Miyah, male, Bangladeshi.

  14. Fawoziyah Amah Shah Al-Hameed, female, Sri Lankan.

  15. Misriyah Amah Habeeb Mohammed, female, Sri Lankan.

  16. Fahriyah Karouh, female, Turk.

  17. Anwar begum, wife of Mohammed Tufail, female, Pakistani.

  18. Maqboulah Touq Qon, female, Turk.

Only 12 of the 179 who were injured in the incident are still hospitalized. These are:

  1. Jaber Mohammed Khan, Afghani.

  2. Jaloul Shuhaimah, Algerian.

  3. Fatimah Ali Tame', Somali.

  4. Sajidah Parveen, Pakistani.

  5. Parveen A'lam, Bangladeshi.

  6. Saeed Muslih Al-Deen Sayyid Abdulkhaliq, Bangladeshi.

  7. Yosef Baki, Turk.

  8. Abdulghani Abduljabbar, Indian.

  9. Abu Bakr Bouti, Indian.

  10. Mujahid Kilab, Indonesian.

  11. Saleem Abdulsalam, Tunisian.

  12. Silano Younsa, Nigerian