2001 News Story

Kingdom condemns Israeli strike on Syrians in Lebanon

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs yesterday issued the following statement condemning the recent strike by the Israeli air force against Syrian army positions in Lebanon:

"Shocked by news of the recent strike by the Israeli air force on Syrian army positions in Lebanon resulting in casualties and damage of property and violating Lebanon's sovereignty and air space, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia declares its strong condemnation of this shameful action that reflects a deep contempt and flagrant defiance of the United Nations and the rules of international law.
"This blatant aggression by Israel and Israel's constant threats against Lebanon and Syria present clear-cut evidence of the extent that the Israeli government has turned away from the logic of dialogue and the language of peace, and adopted warmongering and destructive methods as ways of achieving its expansionist designs and goals.
"We urge the international community to move swiftly and effectively to stop the vicious Israeli attacks on the Palestinian people in the occupied territories and its subsequent impact which has engulfed Lebanon and Syria and portends the worst of consequences and the most dangerous of outcomes for our region.
"In these delicate circumstances, our hope is that the United Nations Security Council will convene in order to take a decisive, just and courageous stand against Israel's aggressive tactics, paving the way for resumption of the peace process based on the principles from which it started and on the UN resolutions on which it was predicated."
In response to the Israeli air strike that killed three Syrian soldiers and wounded six others, Syria today urged Arabs to cease all contact with Israel, a boycott that, it is hoped, would force Israel to accept the requirements of peace. Syrian statements yesterday warned that escalation of violence would destabilize the region.