2001 News Story

Shura Council holds first session of third term

The Consultative Council (Majlis Al-Shura) held the first session of its third four-year term in Riyadh today under the chairmanship of Shaikh Muhammad bin Jubair, whose term of office has been renewed, with newly-appointed deputy chairman Dr. Bakri Shatta. All 120 members of the council were present.

Secretary-General Dr. Humoud Al-Badr, who continues in the post, reported that the new body has been divided into eleven specialized committees. Each member, he said, has joined the committee of his choice, and these committees have elected their chairmen as follows:
1. Dr. Salih bin Abdulmalik for social, health and environmental affairs;
2. Major-General (retired) Abdulqader bin Abdulhay Kamal for security affairs;
3. Dr. Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Dibaib for culture, information and media;
4. Dr. Huzam bin Hazza'a Al-Otaibi for services and public utilities;
5. Dr. Bandar bin Muhammad Al-Eiban for foreign affairs;
6. Farhan bin Raghayan Al-Balawi for transportation and telecommunications;
7. Muhammad bin Hamad Al-Ginaibit for economic affairs;
8. Dr. Abdulrahman bin Ahmed Al-Jaafari for financial affairs;
9. Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Ali Al-Naim for regulations and administration;
10. Dr. Salih bin Saud Al-Ali for Islamic affairs;
11. Dr. Eid bin Abdullah Al-Shammari for educational affairs;
The Shura Council's general assembly will meet regularly on Sundays and Tuesdays and its steering committee will hold its weekly session on Saturdays, while Mondays will be allotted for meetings of the specialized committees.