2001 News Story

Crown Prince speaks out on Palestine before flying to Berlin

Deputy Prime Minister and Commander of the National Guard Crown Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz arrived in Berlin today for a three-day state visit to the Federal Republic of Germany.

In a cable to President Bashar Al-Assad at the end of his state visit to Syria, he declared that the Arab World will never succumb to pressures and become submissive, holding as it does the eternal message of Islam and enjoying the essence of a great civilization. In the end, he said, the Arab World would be the victor, and what is going on in Palestine is a sign of this. He expressed astonishment over what has recently been circulated to the effect that it is the Palestinians who are directing the violence in the region, and stated that the Israeli occupation was the direct reason of the current spiraling acts and counter-acts of violence. In addition, he expressed support of the Syrian demand to restore all, and not one iota less, of the occupied Golan Heights.
Prior to his departure from Damascus, the Crown Prince issued a statement speaking out on the serious developments in the Middle East and sending strong signals to the Israeli hawks advising them to resort to reason and abandon their arrogance in order to avoid an eventual full-fledged confrontation with the Arab and Islamic Worlds.
Crown Prince Abdullah called on the international peace-loving community, particularly the United States and the European countries, to work for peace in the Middle East. He reminded Israel that Arabs and Muslims have accepted the provisions of the Madrid peace conference that are based on the principles of land for peace, and will never abandon their demands, make concessions or surrender. He also warned that the pillars of peace that were built up in Madrid are now collapsing due to Israel's intransigence and violence.