2001 News Story

Kingdom reiterates support for Palestinians at OIC meeting

Addressing the 28th meeting yesterday in Bamako, Mali, of the foreign ministers of the member countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), Assistant Foreign Minister Dr. Nizar Madani reiterated that Kingdom's stance that the current situation of the Palestinian people obligates the Islamic world to provide them with all possible means of support and assistance against the aggressions of the Israeli enemy. Developments in the occupied Palestinian territories, and especially in Al-Quds [Jerusalem], he said, are as much an issue of concern to the Islamic world, as they are to the Arab world and to the Palestinians. Islamic solidarity, he pointed out, is not just a conference or a statement, but an action formulated on reality. The Kingdom stresses the need for states to break ties with Israel and cancel any link with it that had been established, in the light of the peace process that it has undermined. He added that any resumption of these relations must be linked to achieving real progress not only on the Palestinian track, but also on all the other tracks of the peace process.

Dr. Madani then spoke of the positive development of relations between Iran and the member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), and said Saudi Arabia looks forward to resolving the case of the islands of the United Arab Emirates through peaceful means according to the rules of international law including the acceptance of referral of the case to the International Court of Justice if necessary.
Commenting on Iraq, Dr. Madani observed that the negative results of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait will not be eliminated until Iraq implements fully all relevant resolutions of the United Nations Security Council; only this will lead to alleviation of the suffering of the Iraqi people.