2001 News Story

Foreign minister speaks out in Lebanese newspaper

Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal, in a statement to the Lebanese newspaper 'Al-Liwa' published in Beirut today, affirmed that Saudi Arabia is working to support integrated Arab and Islamic action to confront regional and international challenges. Leading these, he said, is the impasse of the peace process between the Arabs and Israel as a result of the aggressive policy of Israel's Likud government. The conflict, he warned, may escalate if the status of complete siege imposed by the occupying Israeli authorities on the Palestinian people continues, adding that the situation will be aggravated if the volcano of violence erupts, causing havoc not only in the region but in all over the world. Prince Saud called on the international community to support the Palestinians' rights, observing the lack of reason in the world just standing by as a witness of the massacres being committed by Israeli forces against children and women.