2001 News Story

Commission reports on Saudi donations to Bosnia

The Higher Commission for Donations to Bosnia-Herzegovina announced today that over the past nine years, it has collected a total of SR 2.1 billion [U.S. $ 0.6 billion], from both government and private sources. Of this sum, SR 1.43 billion [$ 381.2 million] came from individual cash donations, and SR 428.57 million [$ 114.3 million] in grants from the Saudi government and various charitable organizations. Of the official donations, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Fahd bin Abdulaziz personally gave SR 127.6 million [$ 34.0 million], and the Saudi Development Bank extended a total of SR 281.25 million [$ 75.0 million], one quarter of this as a grant and the rest as a loan. The balance of the total amount donated constitutes contributions in kind, totaling 73,812 tons. In all, 109,000 tons of relief materials have been distributed, in addition to over two million food baskets. Currently more than 10,000 Bosnian orphans are being sponsored by the Commission, and 3,300 pilgrims have been invited to perform Hajj in recent years. A number of economic and service projects have been implemented by the Commission, including SR 126.72 million [$ 33.79 million] spent on the construction of mosques, cultural centers, Islamic institutes, orphanages, and housing compounds. In addition, some 160 mosques have been restored, including the King Fahd Cultural Center in Sarajevo.