2001 News Story

Kingdom condemns Israeli occupation of Orient House

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has issued a condemnation of the occupation of the Orient House in Al-Quds [Jerusalem] by Israeli troops. "The vicious occupation of the Orient House, which stands as a symbol for Palestinian sovereignty over East Jerusalem, is a continuation of the provocative practices against the Arabs carried out by the occupying Israeli troops, " the statement said.  "This development constitutes an intolerable escalation in the region, and will never be accepted by a nation that deeply believes in God Almighty and in its just and legitimate cause. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, its leadership and its people, condemn and deplore this development, and hold Israel responsible for the consequences." The official statement went on to urge the United Nations to act, calling on all honorable parties in the world to stand firmly against Israel's arrogance, which has undermined international agreements and treaties; and declaring: "By the arrogance of its rash leadership, Israel has provided clear evidence of its shortsightedness."

Meanwhile, the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) today published a declaration that Al-Quds [Jerusalem] has been the property of Muslims for hundreds of years, and that Jews have no rights to it. In a statement sent to the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the OIC Secretary-General said: "Muslims have the right to full sovereignty over Al-Quds, while Christians enjoy freedom of worship in their long-recognized churches. Jews, however, do not have any holy place in the occupied Arab city." The statement pointed out that what is called the 'wailing wall' is in fact an indivisible part of Al-Aqsa Mosque, a fact confirmed by the League of Nations in 1929. The OIC urged the Secretary-General of the United Nations to support the UN resolutions stipulating that the city of Al-Quds is part of the Palestinian territories and subsequently should be restored to Arab sovereignty in line with the Security Council resolutions notably number 242.